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  1. I have two very dear friends who play on the team. They pay for literally all travel expenses and fees out of pocket, so any cent you can donate is appreciated :)
  2. I actually work for the Stars in Frisco and wear UNT gear almost every shift. Probably 3-4 times a week a customer will walk in with a Mean Green shirt on or something and we'll discuss the recent game. It's neat.
  3. It *was* boring, but this team was just trying to get out of Houston with a win and move on to FAU. Expending into our 3 deep players to win a 59-14 game today would've been useless. Sit Guyton, get Smith some good reps, and get the dub. Step 1 of the final phase is complete. #BeatFAU
  4. Hey Ashton. This is Carter, the film student you met yesterday at the tailgate. You said for me to shoot you a message re: sound production! 

  5. Not sure if this has been posted in here or if you all have seen it. Just figured I'd toss it in. Closer views.
  6. Semi-official GMG uniform aficionado here. APPROVED BY OVERWHELMING POSITIVITY.
  7. Going to have to guess grey due to the combos. That, or some vintage flying worm thing. Maybe green chrome. Who knows.
  8. Semi-official GMG.com uniform aficionado here to give my seal of approval.
  9. Upvotes only if @AustinFromUNT and I should make the drive to Ruston for the game.
  10. EXCELLENT post. What I've been saying all along. This team and staff are young and people are so young and still learning. People are expecting masterful football not two years removed from a historically abysmal 1-11 season. It just doesn't happen that quickly. No CFB turnaround has ever happened that quickly. The fact that we have one of the twenty best offenses in all of college football, we're 5-3 with 2 pitiful teams left to play and 2 we can beat if we really want, and yet people STILL find a way to bitch. We could go 9-3 if we play our best football in November... just be patient.
  11. I would love to have that confidence. Our 1-3 road record has me wary. LA Tech is much more beatable than FAU, however. A win this saturday would be a huge step forward for the program.
  12. Because our defense is better than our ranking as well. If you give up 800 yards in one game you're going to drop significantly. Outside of the SMU and FAU games they've played more than well enough to at least keep us in games.
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