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  1. I know it's going to sound picky but I'd prefer an option for a single digit number.
  2. There is no Texas employment law that states you are required to post a job opening.
  3. Now that is exactly what I would love to see available for people to purchase online. That's a great looking replica.
  4. Yeah I'm aware of the garage sale and while that is definitely an option I would just think that by now we the fans would be able to purchase a quality replica made by Nike. I don't understand why that is not available year round for both people to purchase in person and online.
  5. Since Nike has been producing our football uniforms I have really wanted at least a replica jersey but all I've ever found in the online store is a cheap looking personalized option. Has the stadium store or the campus bookstore ever started selling a legit replica?
  6. This is the same board that vilified the university for playing games at Texas Stadium in the 80s and 90s instead of playing true home games on campus, but now we want to host our spring game off campus just because Texas Tech is doing it. I get there is a difference between a spring practice/game and a regular season game but come on guys, make up your mind.
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