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  1. I have a couple questions for the group: (A) When do the NCAA Top 25 Polls get released? (B) Who is going to be there on Thursday and/or Saturday?!!?!!
  2. I'm sure they talk all the time. They seem to have a great relationship and are supportive of all UNT Athletics programs. Props to both for being in the positions they are in at this time of year!
  3. May I present to you the first place in CUSA West UNT Mean Green? Also with a winning record at 14-10.
  4. I also hope some people around the football team see this and deeply reflect on how they let a program with so much potential fall to what it is today. WE ARE A BASKETBALL SCHOOL!
  5. I still dont get why he transfered. We were his only FBS offer from high school because he was undersized. And then with all the injuries and opt outs from our secondary this season and last, he was getting playing time.
  6. Yes we are the visiting team. So buy opposite of the press box. For what it’s worth, UTSA is the visiting team too for their bowl game.
  7. I never realized that the wood wheels were just decoys. The entire thing is just a lie.
  8. I like when they wear blue now. I don't like their faded orange that Dimel adopted for them. The older, more "normal" orange looked better in my opinion.
  9. Exactly. I am from San Marcos. Kaden only has an older brother who I know didn't play D1 basketball.
  10. The only one I can think of is letting Mike Lawrence play more snaps or get more receptions than Darden, until it was just Darden left. Lawrence ended up being a solid receiver, but he had 3 NFL receivers playing with him and an NFL running back too.
  11. Never mind, I found this: https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/11/bowl-bubble-bowl-eligible-teams-whos-out-who-needs-a-win
  12. We seem to be the revolving door as the team that is 1 win short of .500 making a bowl recently. Has anyone seen a rough count of the number of schools that SHOULD be bowl eligible in 2 weeks? And is that number less than the number of bowl slots again like it has been?
  13. He can hoop. Saw him play as a kid. Only a junior, so he has time to develop some size.
  14. SL should call his bff in University Park and ask him how to use the portal.
  15. Dont get me wrong, Mac had his problems, but man he could get you fired up. He would chew out refs, players, and then make you want to run through a wall for him. Wish SL would have some kind of energy. He's so flat, it almost makes you want to take a nap for him instead.
  16. You have an eagle with "UNT" on his shirt and not something with "North Texas". That's the same dilemma that our marketing teams have to deal with.
  17. Does anyone have a clip of this? Trying to explain it to some people wasnt too easy.
  18. Why was he even there?? He’s not going to coach in the AAC. At least not as coach of UNT. That was funny about him not being family lol.
  19. I rather see these than the throwbacks. These were good uniforms. I swear if we wear throwbacks all of 2022, I'm going to lose it.
  20. Not sure WKU, MTSU, Old Dominion, or La Tech were part of a Big Markets plan. Charlotte didnt even have FBS football prior to this. UTSA had 2 seasons under their belt. The only established teams that moved up were UNT, FAU, and I guess FIU.
  21. What happens to UTEP, FIU, MTSU, WKU, ODU, and La Tech now? Mountain West didnt want UTEP. I think MTSU and WKU should reach out to the MAC and see if they will take them. La Tech can pursue MAC or Sun Belt opportunities. I don't think FIU, WKU, or MTSU go to the Sun Belt because the bad blood of them leaving and the schools each own perception that they left for greener pastures. So at a minimum, ODU, FIU, and UTEP are in no mans land. They can wait for the WAC to be ready for FBS, but only UTEP is close enough to that region. ODU and FIU might need to go independent and try to finesse UMass/Liberty to form a small alliance for scheduling. Last option is CUSA tries to appeal to the remaining 6 schools and add UMass, Liberty, and some FCS schools. That would easily be the weakest conference at the FBS level.
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