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  1. What would our QB Depth look like next year? Fine, Pearson, Isadore, and Augie, Carson and Ohara and Quinn right?
  2. I would hope with him not having tape from his Senior year(which is currently this year) and a torn ACL we could land this kid.
  3. What I meant is I would rather have them on the team then this kid.. He has bounced around and just feel like he may not be a great for us. But if SL and them believe he is the right kinda player for us, then lets do this.
  4. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/3129701/5721e64ae984d413d42e4948
  5. I'm fine with moving on... The kid has bounced around schools and his dad seems as someone who has bounced him around to get him on a super-star team. Bouncing around makes me wonder if he is a good guy in the locker-room as well. But SL has been going after him for a long time.. from his days at Indiana to NC to here... Not sure why the kid hasn't committed after 4/5 years of chasing him.. But I would take Fine and Pearson, over this kid any day.. Pearson has been lighting it up, and seems he is talking/close knit with the other recruits we have landed so far for the 2017 class.
  6. What i have done is instead of going to the meangreen stream, is I downloaded TuneIn Radio, its an app that is on iPhone so it should be on all phones... but it's free to download and you just type in KNTU and it will pop up UNT's radio stream..
  7. do assistants like Ekler and Harrell have buyouts? that if they did move on from UNT? I fear with how well Miami is doing, he could possibly move to The U and team back up with Richt if they lose there D-coord.. Ek is the most likely coach i think we could lose of anyone on the staff.
  8. Who should challenge us this year for the West? I always figure W.Ken and So.Miss should be tough and so should LA Tech
  9. Just tossing it out.. but if we did get to 6 wins.. how big of a crowd could we get if we went back to the HOD bowl again? Also, who would challenge us in our division of C-USA and who would we play? Army, UTEP and UTSA, just have to focus on them.. besides them who else do we play? I know LA tech
  10. I Believe he has bounced around high schools with him attending 4 different high schools in 4 years and now colleges as well... we thought he may come here last year after SL and the kid picked a prep school, and never attending it in Canada.. I just have a feeling this kid maybe a diva or just a flat out bust, Give everyone fine and pearson over him any day..
  11. My only worry that we should have is how will the OLine be, and our defense coordinators still around?
  12. Caper posted up on Twitter a list of stations all over the country for the game.. but nothing in DFW
  13. Think it would be great to add him.. this offense needs kids like this, and I think Didn't have a torn ACL he would be recruited by bigger schools
  14. Prefer he didn't flash it a lot, means he stays in the pocket to pass but can run it when needed
  15. Another target @andre_2216 twitter http://www.hudl.com/v/fiPY8 he has visited from his pics on twitter.. also been to SMU, New Mexico, with other posts about Tulane and more. kid tore his ACL but looks like he would be a great pick up. Doesn't go down on the first tackle and plays RB and Slot.
  16. We need to upgrade the unis... do an all green "money suit" along with an all white and all black like other schools do.
  17. But what about in the chat?!?! Lol
  18. I blame @BeyondTheGreen 100% for the ping-pong and us taken the L..
  19. Also, from his Twitter it looks like he is someone who is truly dedicated to the game.. feel like this kid could be a great thing with his size as well, he recently posted he was up to 206.. lock it down Perry and Reffert
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