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  1. Look at that! Well deserved for the Chief. Very exciting seeing these young men recognized for their hard work. Singletary leading the nation in rushing TD's is an understandable and deserved nod for 1st team, but Ito Smith over Jeff is frustrating. Missing the Rice game allowed Smith to overtake him in yards on the season. Really hope that wasn't the deciding factor considering Wilson outperformed him in YPC, YPG, and TDs.
  2. A composite list from yesterday's Star-Telegram. Never thought I would say this, but that New Mexico Bowl matchup vs. SDSU isn't looking too bad after all! New Orleans wouldn't be the end of the world, but I'd like to think this team deserves more than a Sunbelt matchup. Nothing about playing Troy/ArkSt. gets me fired up.
  3. Haha! They stayed true to their promise and gave us the gift card. What more could a guy ask for?
  4. Haha! Appreciate it, Spark! I approve of this plan. C'mon Withers, you've seen my regular dance moves. Those were my nervous wreck moves. Cut me some slack!
  5. Big thanks to my buddy @TheReal_jayD for helping me put together an awesome proposal yesterday. The atmosphere was amazing and the Mean Green faithful made this grown my cry like a baby. Thank you to everyone that was there cheering us on. Wren was there to congratulate us as we walked off the field and on top of all that, we wrapped up the west! It was truly an unforgettable day. Go Mean Green!
  6. I think you're misunderstanding where our excitement lies. Last week's win was the most notable/biggest win at Apogee (which has a rich history dating back to 2011). Easy to see how that could be confusing to an outsider. Anyways... I like our chances against your one-dimensional offense. It will be fun to watch y'all try to stop ours. GMG!
  7. Great strategy, HoustonEagle! This allowed me to get in 20+ votes. Guyton is in 4th place, currently, behind receivers from Hawaii, NCST, and that school in Dallas.
  8. BillySee may have been onto something. Interesting tweet from Gage today. Happy to see the young man stuck to his guns (if in fact there was pressure from others to change his mind). GMG!
  9. He picked up a B10 offer yesterday from Indiana. It would be awesome to establish an Allen pipeline to pair with our developing Desoto pipeline of recruits.
  10. Graduate transfers are immediately eligible upon transferring between D1 programs. Just like we saw Alec transfer in from Bama last year. It's becoming a popular trend as of late.
  11. Is it okay if I show a little excitement on NSD? Go grab another cup of coffee and you can join in. It's a great day to be Mean Green
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