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  1. "If You Want Stone Cold Steve Austin to give Chad Morris and the rest of SMU football team a Stunner Give Me a HELL YEA" " UNT Will be the Greatest Football team In the NATION and that's the BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO"
  2. That would be great if he was the Gary Patterson of unt that man is loyal to TCU and I hope SL loyal to the Mean Green
  3. He played the best game of his life he threw some beautiful touchdown passes that guy needs to be exposed what a JACKASS
  4. I'm not going to lie we do act like pigs we should be better than that
  5. I hope they do surprise us tomorrow with something badass
  6. Preach on brother preach on !!! GMG
  7. Do we still have a chance to go to a bowl game ?
  8. I know Aaron jones is good it What the fuck is happening to are defense we look like the defense of last year are you kidding me !!!!
  9. I would love to go back to my home city and see my Mean Green beat the miners in the Sun Bowl GMG
  10. I couldn't agree more they focused more on her then the damn game
  11. See people like you I like Screw USM GMG UNT-35 USM- 24 LET IT FREAKING FLY BABY
  12. I have faith and hope for the Mean Green to make a bowl game this year. I think we can beat USM and Especially UTEP to send us to a bowl game. GMG
  13. I Hope so Nike needs to hook us up with some new uniforms and they should make new black uniforms just saying
  14. That would be cool if they would make any bowl but the New Mexico bowl vs New Mexico i would love to see that i have an old teammate who plays for New Mexico #9 Q Drennan I would love to see the MEAN GREEN Defense stop him and the LOBOS. Any bowl game would be great though
  15. Thank you to those brave men and Women who serve and protect this country everyday you mean a lot to this country U.S.A Happy Veterans Day
  16. I have to agree with you that kid is really explosive and he will run through defenses like diarrhea
  17. We have a Horrible Offensive Line that is why we don`t run big passing plays in the game.
  18. Thank you I'm sick and tired of people giving up on the Mean Green 1) the Season isn't over yet, 2) we can up set one of these top dog C-USA teams, 3) we can beat the piss out of the Miners we will make a bowl game this year if nope hell people should be happy I will take a 5-7 season over a 1-11 season any day. We Will up set LA Tech Let It Fly GMG
  19. F those guys we will upset LA Tech tomorrow on Homecoming NIGHT LET IT FLY GMG
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