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  1. Me +4, Taking an RV and staying a few miles south of town at RV park
  2. how so? club1 kləb/ noun 1. an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
  3. Where did you hear that? From what I have heard this has been in the works well before any tax law changed.
  4. It doesn't matter, the offense they are running is atrocious much like the LSU program he came from.
  5. You don't really get the benefit of the doubt with older alumni now, after multiple remarks regarding the alumni side. It seems to me you got the response you deserved. Also your reply about using his followers is pretty petty and trollish.
  6. "Some people" is quite the understatement. Every single alumni I sit next to cheers their Ass off all game so to call out and entire group of people is busch league. I know for a fact some of the students sit over there and do nothing but look at their phones.
  7. You got me there, damn......aggie T-shirt fans are the worst.
  8. You are still wet behind the ears as a North Texas fan, move along.
  9. I yell and so does everyone else I sit around on the Alumni side. You are the perfect fan though, maybe next game you can rally more than 200 students to the game. Also, Austin's previous profile pictures on facebook indicate he was an aTm fan recently.
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