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  1. North Texas - Boy do they ever! MTSU - Planned/in the works WKU - Planned but then backed off of it - https://www.bgdailynews.com/news/sports-medicine-complex-plan-stalls-bid-process-ends/article_008c30d6-eb41-5fda-88d9-aa0367fdd0b0.html Marshall - Completed UAB - Completed Covered Facility Only Charlotte - Nothing Southern Miss - Nothing FAU - Planned athletic complex FIU - Nothing Rice - Yes bubble La Tech - Nothing UTEP - Not a damn thing UTSA - Planning stages
  2. LINK: https://forums.ninernation.net/t/north-texas-football-indoor-practice-facility/33113/7
  3. https://collegesportsmaven.io/tmg/mark-blaudschun/uconn-fb-rip-sort-of-PcQSwoGKh0WgJLKGjw4-7w/
  4. Hey and in the off season the covered area will be a Farmers Market?
  5. What is the building on the next side. The covered facility is interesting. Seems like to me it could still get pretty hot in there. And sometimes storms go sideways.
  6. UConn’s woebegone football team is the last thing anyone in Storrs is worried about with a miraculous return to the Big East now imminent. But unless the Huskies drop back down to the FCS level (unlikely) or stop playing the sport entirely (very unlikely), they do need to put the dumpster fire program somewhere. Football independence, and further irrelevance, appears to be the most probable end game. The American Athletic Conference will reportedly have no interest in letting UConn stick around in a football-only capacity once the school jumps ship for the 2020-21 school year. It’s h
  7. He's a great kid from a wonderful family. Let him have his day in the sun. Great people they are indeed
  8. You are correct. Coach Macartney signed Kelvin Smith and Kevin Dillman in 2015 for the tight end position.
  9. Worth some money: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NORTH-TEXAS-STATE-NTSU-Bobble-Bobbing-Head-60s-/350333566950
  10. Is stars or offers more important for recruits? Why do some teams not make any early offers?
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