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  1. We are so sorry to hear of Cary’s passing. Gone way too soon. I have a few pictures of our son and Cary after the UTEP game this year. Can you please direct me on how to get those to his sister? Such a great guy. May he Rest In Peace.
  2. Introductions scheduled to start at 2:39 PM. Go Mean Green!
  3. 55+ from West Texas attending this weekend. Already have 75 committed for LA Tech. GMG
  4. Marty you adopted him when he’d only caught a single pass the year prior. ( I like to add he caught every pass that was thrown to him that year! 🙂 ) He’s all yours. Thanks for all your support! Looking forward to seeing everyone next week! GMG!
  5. Announcer said 12K, but was more like 6-7K Those of us in attendance moved to the 45 just as soon as the game started
  6. Booked tickets today. Tried to secure Mean Green Club tailgate and game tickets , but no answer when I called the phone number promoted through social media. I'll try again tomorrow. See ya'll there!
  7. This. So irritating seeing players dance to music playing over the PA. Even worse several did it while on the field.
  8. Our crowd was definitely louder and really into the game. Even when we were down by 17. The Rice crowd was a not a factor as they were spread out all over the stadium. Talked to several of the coaches and players before they loaded the buses to airport. Coach Littrell graciously stopped and posed for pictures with some of the fans. Everyone was so pumped! Great energy and optimism. Video of the post game locker room celebration is fun to watch. I found it on some of the players social media. Based on snapchat, the celebration continued on the flight back to Dallas. Good to see the guys having fun. Hope to see a big crowd Saturday. Gotta keep the momentum going. GMG!
  9. Had to cancel our plans at the last minute. I have a hotel room for two nights if someone needs accommodations. One King bed with sofa bed at Hampton Inn, 101 SE 1st Street, Gainesville, FL. Reservation is nonrefundable, so I would love to recover some of the cost. Paid $200/night. Going to post it on a few websites as well.
  10. Great job guys. Ashton's description of Alec and Kenny was on point. These two guys are both leaders who know how to work hard, but keep it all in perspective. They have had a significant, positive impact on our kid. @Harry great to meet you at the tailgate. Hopefully our boys will meet up on the 40 acres. @Aldo we enjoyed meeting you and the family! Big thanks to @EagleMBA for allowing me to interrupt his culinary experience of Tony's balls and possibly ? a fried hot dog. ( I can vouch for those, they are Blue Ribbon, Grand Champion State Fair Worthy) Hope to see you all Saturday! GMG
  11. He's a good one. And spent time in West Texas!
  12. Have you already dowloaded the Ticketmaster app ?
  13. Can't answer the question, but we bought just bought season tickets.
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