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  1. This is what GOOD recruiting is. You have to get in early and not be a program that is going to take scraps. The problem is if you find a gem is keeping them.
  2. I don't like is opinion a lot but his facts are always on.
  3. Robert Allen reporter for Scout.com and GoPokes.com says confirmed that Mason Fine is PWO. So Augie would be ONLY Scholly QB.
  4. Robert Allen reporter for Scout.com and GoPokes.com says confirmed that Mason Fine is PWO.
  5. I really think he's a lock. It seems like he WANTS to be at UNT.
  6. You can do that but you have to be careful. There is some sort of NCAA rules about using Finacial aid for Athletes that should or could go to others. I think if he were to play a certain amount they forfeit the aid or something. It's weird. And using academic scholarships for kids you should give athletic ones for. Not completely clear on it but I know there are rules about it.
  7. There is a GOLD MINE of kids that play at OK Powerhouse programs Jenks, Union, Broken Arrow, Booker T, McLain and others that all get overlooked and end up at Emporia State, Pittsburg State, Arkansas Tech and StephenFAustin. The SFA guys are here weekly. University of Ohio is in OKC all the time too. A TON of talent that is over looked because they aren't good enough for OU/OSU and TU has some high entrance standards. Could be a great pipeline.
  8. Because also remember, NSD is the FIRST day you can sign, not the last Nothing. Just like a college could come offer and sign someone you offered a PWO to after NSD. Remeber NSD is the FIRST day you can sign. For instance, Mason Fine decides to take a PWO/Blueshirt/whatever nonbinding thing you want to say and Maryland or WSU or LSU doens't sign a QB on NSD. They could then offer and sign him after to fill the class. Final signing day is April 1st!
  9. Nope nothing is signed. I know that kids will sing a ceremonial thing in the case of PWO but it's all honor system. Same thing with a blueshirt. Because, like you said, they'd get torched in recruiting if that kid came out and said we had an agreement and they didn't honor it. Especially if he had text or twitter DM proof.
  10. I think he would have a MUCH bigger chance of earning a scholly at QB or slot receiver at UNT year 1 for sure and that reason enough.
  11. And I'd take a PWO at UNT over OSU. Better shot to play in a system better suited to you. But do you see where I'm coming from here? It's kind of an honesty thing too. Just come out an say what it is because now major stories are being written. This I think is more likely and they have an agreement on it but then also PWO.
  12. THIS!!! It does matter. It counts towards your scholarship count. It counts towards your rep. There was a BLEACHER REPORT article about "Mason Fine's first D1 offer" and it's gonna look real bad that this kid didn't come out and specify of its a PWO or Blueshirt and let every recruiting site and a major publication think it's scholarship. Because even if it's "blueshirt" you show up as a PWO.
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