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  1. I am not sure why you guys are down on Littrell - he has been successful where ever he has gone - he made changes after last year - letting coach Langston go - remember he was at OU with him - and letting Bodie go as well . He made hard decisions but was decisive - he now has a dilemma with his new defensive coordinator- they I don’t predict will stay in this defense after this year - I think they have recruited to suit this defense but I think they will change - meaning they will go juco route to fill defensive needs - new offense that is putting points on the board with a new raw QB and new system then what they ran with mason . We will be scoring points as our QB gets better and we are healthy with that next great running back addaway - without any spring game and summer workouts this start is not surprising - SL is good and Wren Baker knows this - they will weather the storm and I predict next year we will be really good especially on offense - I know everybody is dealing with Covid but we are hit with key new players on both sides of the ball running new systems without much practice on both sides of the ball - take a step back and think about the future which is extremely good at UNT - I will say my most disappointing part of the team is special teams but they were playing Kasey martin on ST because they were short of players - didn’t we just have 53 active players last game - come on guys - you all are smart people you watch the game like me - start using your brain and not your heart when looking at this team - we all hurt when we lose and I am the most competitive person that i know but I understand the predicament that we are in at this time sorry about the rant but just want people to think about what they are saying about the team they luv - I dont want to lose Littrell
  2. Aune is not doing bad - he had at least 2 TDS drop - I think we have a shot in second half - he can’t fumble anymore - we could be up in this game - defense is getting better
  3. Guys I’m afraid this will be ugly . They have everybody back - we are missing 4-5 starters on defense and we can’t even afford one missing starter - the leading tackler was playing fullback the week before - our QBs need to get more seasoning - I think they may score 60 plus and we may not even get 21 pts on the board but I think we will get better over the next few weeks and be very competitive by the end of the year .
  4. Hey - we lost to Portland state before Littrell came to this school - We are young with no spring ball - we are trying to see who should be starting and who can play this game - I promise we will be much better as the season progresses - if we go backwards then I agree maybe we need a new coach but I promise you that is not going to happen -. However , next week is going to be horrible - Houston has everyone back and we are still trying to figure out who can play . I think Aune has the better arm especially with the deep ball - Bean is faster - Aune has better presence and keeps his emotions under control - Bean must mature and not show his emotions so much when he makes a mistake . It seems the coaches favor Bean for possibly his intangibles but Aune seems to have a good presence on the field and seems to be a leader - I predict both get playing time but I will bet Aune has the better night against the bigger stronger athletes that Houston will put out there . Defense is in trouble -we will not be able to cover some of there receivers - this could and probably will get ugly early . We will fight and not quit - we didn’t quit against SMU but were just outmanned . recruiting is getting much better as the numbers show - I predict tough year but the future looks good . I believe coach has them going in the right direction - next year we will be so much better . Let’s be positive and back our boys - if our guys quit I will change my tune but I don’t see that happening like it did with the Portland state game .
  5. The Baylor offense throws the ball down the field as seen last night. There is not as much pressure placed on the QB as was done with Mason in Bodies offense last year. It is all about mismatches and the run game is very important in this offense ---that is why Bloesch is here. We also played fast which will help us in the long run. I believe these coaches are fundamentally sound and we will see this as the year progresses. Remember they will get better as games are played . We have a new team---defense changed as well as having new offense and QB-- and not having Spring Ball will hurt at first. We will see next game how things go. Bean has unbelievable athletic ability and decent arm . Aune is athletic and stronger then Bean. Aune has the better arm but Bean had a better Fall practice. I believe we will see both of them early in our next game unless Bean gets on a roll and can't be stop. I think and hope we will make great strides from our first game to our second game with SMU.
  6. Guys this is Baylor’s office with art briles - Tate learned it there - and it works - only about 4 schools run it in college football
  7. Hey - let’s hope coach Wallis is innocent - I have heard he is very smart and the players really like him - coach Littrell is an excellent coach and will do a good job at calling plays - Quinn has the players respect and will do well filling in for coach Wallis until he comes back - I think you guys will be surprised with our offensive line / we will be able to run and throw this year . I think this will be the best offensive line we have had in the past 4 years - defense will be sound and better - welcome to the 2020 season and hopefully a bowl game at end of year . one more thing - I hope whoever is giving coach Tate a hard time that when he is acquitted of these charges you will personally apologize to this good man . Now let’s Go Mean Green
  8. Thank you for a great assessment of yesterday's scrimmage - I thought the offense looked much better yesterday as well vs the last scimmage . I'm looking forward to next weeks scimmage . We are much better on defense and offense vs last year .I continue to be impressed with our coaching staff . Last year I predicted us to win about 5-6 games and be bowl eligible . I think we will win more next year if we can beat SMU and win all the games we are suppose to win . I'm betting we win 6 games and hopefully maybe a bowl game to give us 7 .
  9. Green Crazy --- I totally agree with you .
  10. Mr Vito I am calling you out on this article. I am tired of your biased opinions in your articles ,however when you are lying I will call you out. I was at the scrimmage today and did not see what you saw. The offense did have a bad day but there were good things that we can build upon. The 7 out of 8 plays from the 3 yard line we scored on. I believe the offensive running backs had 4 TDs rushing, Mr Shanbour had 2 TD passing , 1 TD run and 1 incompletion. No other QBs took snaps in this drill. Mr Shanbour did not have a interception credited to him as the pick that you are referring to was called back for defensive pass interference. The receiver was held as the ball was released and therefore he was not in the area where the ball was thrown. I love our coaches and our players and have kept silent about your bias opinions in your article, but when you start misreporting the truth, I am going to call you out especially when it involves a young man who is a member of the team. . Whatever Mr Shanbour may have done to you or why you don't like him we will never know. SilverEagle has called you out and now I'm calling you out. If you can't be a responsible journalist then you should quit covering UNT football . I only want the best players playing and our coaches will make sure that happens and you need to report the facts and stop downgrading a player that you don't like. I have read your articles and can not remember another player that you dislike so much that you continue to needle him in your articles. From his size to his weight to his running ability and to his arm you have continued to downgrade this QB. Please keep to the facts and take out your biased opinions in the future.
  11. SilverEagle--I am curious, did you use to coach football?--you are extremely smart when it comes to football. I like how you break the players down and give us your assessment. Who do you think is our best QB , WR, LB, DB, RB, and overall player and why. What is your prediction next year wins- losses etc. I was talking to a former player from last year (yesterday) and he says we are miles ahead of where they were in Spring Ball last year. He says they are getting coached up unlike the previous regime ---what is your take on the coaching that you have seen in the spring practices.
  12. The defense look good today---I agree with SilverEagle that it is early Spring and the Offense will get better. However , I really like what we are doing on defense---tight coverage , blitzing from all angles, being physical and aggressive--- Hats off to the defensive coaches.
  13. Everybody thanks for the candid comments today.Here is what stood out to me. I was impressed with the defense today. I have not seen a more aggressive UNT defense then I saw today . A lot of blitzing and different defensive formations. I think there would of have been QB sacs today if it were a real live scrimmage. Shanbour showed his dual threat talent when he picked up the corner blitz and threw a strike on the run 15-20 yards on the sideline. I thought Morris ( 2 TDs) and Shanbour (3 TDs) looked the best . One is a prototypical Pro Style QB -- Morris--- and Shanbour being a pure Dual threat QB. Both of which can be utilized in an air raid offense. I also thought Chumley had some good passes--this is the best I have seen him throw. I would love to see how they move or perform in a real game situation ( when the QBs are not protected ) . I am also very impressed with the interaction between the coaches and players.
  14. Hey- UNT90 thats one more win then you thought when they hired him -- I knew you were coming around Im telling you guys I have been around college football before and these guys are going to turn this around . They are already doing the things that will turn this program around-- They are going to run off the bad actors and focus on the dependable players. You buy into there system or you go home. This program had a cancer and they are curing the cancer. They may not win a game but we will see the improvement throughout the year. I think they can win 4 games but they may not win 1 ---that still does not mean that they won't get this turned around. I can only tell you that they are different than the previous staff and this will show in Spring Ball and next year. I think we will be in a bowl game in 2 years.
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