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  1. Thank you for a great assessment of yesterday's scrimmage - I thought the offense looked much better yesterday as well vs the last scimmage . I'm looking forward to next weeks scimmage . We are much better on defense and offense vs last year .I continue to be impressed with our coaching staff . Last year I predicted us to win about 5-6 games and be bowl eligible . I think we will win more next year if we can beat SMU and win all the games we are suppose to win . I'm betting we win 6 games and hopefully maybe a bowl game to give us 7 .
  2. Green Crazy --- I totally agree with you .
  3. Mr Vito I am calling you out on this article. I am tired of your biased opinions in your articles ,however when you are lying I will call you out. I was at the scrimmage today and did not see what you saw. The offense did have a bad day but there were good things that we can build upon. The 7 out of 8 plays from the 3 yard line we scored on. I believe the offensive running backs had 4 TDs rushing, Mr Shanbour had 2 TD passing , 1 TD run and 1 incompletion. No other QBs took snaps in this drill. Mr Shanbour did not have a interception credited to him as the pick that you are referring to was called back for defensive pass interference. The receiver was held as the ball was released and therefore he was not in the area where the ball was thrown. I love our coaches and our players and have kept silent about your bias opinions in your article, but when you start misreporting the truth, I am going to call you out especially when it involves a young man who is a member of the team. . Whatever Mr Shanbour may have done to you or why you don't like him we will never know. SilverEagle has called you out and now I'm calling you out. If you can't be a responsible journalist then you should quit covering UNT football . I only want the best players playing and our coaches will make sure that happens and you need to report the facts and stop downgrading a player that you don't like. I have read your articles and can not remember another player that you dislike so much that you continue to needle him in your articles. From his size to his weight to his running ability and to his arm you have continued to downgrade this QB. Please keep to the facts and take out your biased opinions in the future.
  4. SilverEagle--I am curious, did you use to coach football?--you are extremely smart when it comes to football. I like how you break the players down and give us your assessment. Who do you think is our best QB , WR, LB, DB, RB, and overall player and why. What is your prediction next year wins- losses etc. I was talking to a former player from last year (yesterday) and he says we are miles ahead of where they were in Spring Ball last year. He says they are getting coached up unlike the previous regime ---what is your take on the coaching that you have seen in the spring practices.
  5. The defense look good today---I agree with SilverEagle that it is early Spring and the Offense will get better. However , I really like what we are doing on defense---tight coverage , blitzing from all angles, being physical and aggressive--- Hats off to the defensive coaches.
  6. Everybody thanks for the candid comments today.Here is what stood out to me. I was impressed with the defense today. I have not seen a more aggressive UNT defense then I saw today . A lot of blitzing and different defensive formations. I think there would of have been QB sacs today if it were a real live scrimmage. Shanbour showed his dual threat talent when he picked up the corner blitz and threw a strike on the run 15-20 yards on the sideline. I thought Morris ( 2 TDs) and Shanbour (3 TDs) looked the best . One is a prototypical Pro Style QB -- Morris--- and Shanbour being a pure Dual threat QB. Both of which can be utilized in an air raid offense. I also thought Chumley had some good passes--this is the best I have seen him throw. I would love to see how they move or perform in a real game situation ( when the QBs are not protected ) . I am also very impressed with the interaction between the coaches and players.
  7. Hey- UNT90 thats one more win then you thought when they hired him -- I knew you were coming around Im telling you guys I have been around college football before and these guys are going to turn this around . They are already doing the things that will turn this program around-- They are going to run off the bad actors and focus on the dependable players. You buy into there system or you go home. This program had a cancer and they are curing the cancer. They may not win a game but we will see the improvement throughout the year. I think they can win 4 games but they may not win 1 ---that still does not mean that they won't get this turned around. I can only tell you that they are different than the previous staff and this will show in Spring Ball and next year. I think we will be in a bowl game in 2 years.
  8. I am excited we got UNT90 up to a possible 4 wins --Im glad you are jumping on the bandwagon with us - you are not going to be disappointed. I know where you are coming from -- I promise these guys are a different breed than what UNT has had in the past . They (coaches ) are has hungry as we are for wins and to do well. They have there careers riding on turning this program around .
  9. Brett --what do you know that we don't know. You have never liked the Shanbour kid --How come ---Do you know something we don't know --is there a problem with this kid ---do you think he was given a chance and just was not good enough. This kid was recruited and started out at P5 program until he got hurt and transferred--It just seems you know something that the rest of us don't know. Tell us we can take it --we just want to know why you don't like him. What about Connor Means ? ---Was he given a chance --why no confidence in him ---I think we are going to be surprised with these kids. I think they are better than what we have given them credit for . I guess we will find out in the next 4 weeks.
  10. I have a friend that saw him at a special olympics event in Prosper. He said he was around 6' tall.
  11. SilverEagle who has the best arm and quickest release on the roster that you have seen. I am looking forward to Spring Ball and see the competition at QB. I think this is wide open and the best QB will be chosen by this staff . I don't think height , weight or scholarship will matter in there decision process. I wonder what Dillman thinks ? I think he wants to play and this is the fastest way for him to get on the field. I really think we are going to find out that we have some talent on this team that just needed to be coached and given the chance to succeed. We will all get to find out in the next 4 weeks whether we have a good QB or not. I really don't think that this will be a weakness next year. I think coach Littrell already has a good idea what he has and what he is going to do . I also believe that we will have a good backup QB next year. I can also see us possible using 2 QBs next year given certain circumstances on the field. I am not surprised that DS left the squad- I actually called it . These coaches are on the right track with righting this ship. Still plenty of room for everybody to jump on this train.
  12. Mike-- I really don't think DeMarcus will make it to next year if he does not correct his attitude. I really think we will have a new QB next year .I agree our best weapon maybe the running back but you still have to b able to throw the short and deep routes to keep the defense from totally keying on the run. We could not throw a deep ball or even the 20 yard routes last year. We could not even throw a short route half the time . I promise you we will have receivers this year that will catch the ball . I think we have a much better WR coach this year . I suspect our offense will be much better with the new coaching staff.
  13. Ok --is everybody doing there homework? Morris has not played in 4 years but has potential to be our QB. He has a good arm, size and is smart . Smith is a head case that has tools but needs to change attitude if he wants to play. These coaches are not going to play around --you either toe the line or will be gone. Connor Means has not played in 2 years and did not have stellar stats in H.S. but definitely has potential . He also can run . Shanbour has not played in 2 years secondary to injury. He has the best stats in high school and played 1 year at prep school. He can run and has very accurate arm --see highlight video. He has been called a coach on the field. Fine is similar to Shanbour-- smart undersize and can run with decent arm. I think this is wide open and may the best man win. I believe the coaches are looking for a leader that is smart and can run there offense. We will find out which QB has these skills and he will be our next QB .
  14. Guys - these losses will not be the only ones --I think we will lose up to 3-5 more players before Spring season is over . These coaches mean business and we will have more defections ---this is the price we have to pay to upgrade our program . Either they buy into the system or they will be gone -- I don't know why these guys left the program but there will be more to follow !!!
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