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  1. Not saying SL is officially getting job or leaving. Hope he stays. It is a Big 12 job though...
  2. Heard through the Baylor grapevine that Rhule is leaving Baylor and that SL interviewed there this morning.
  3. Not sure I’ve seen a team ever so unprepared for a game. Pathetic!!!
  4. I don’t like the feel of this game. Might be a long day.
  5. I agree it's no fun having them come on here and shove it in our faces, but it is what it is. I have 100% confidence in the administration and believe that we have the ability to continue momentum off the work of this staff. Time for Wren to knock it out of the park! #GMG
  6. Why are so many of you handling this so poorly? Be adults and realize that we knew this day would come. Just because Coach is doing what is best for his family (something we would probably all do), so many of you are choosing to take this personally and completely turn on him, slander him, and trash the hard work he has put into this program. Look at the progress he has made for us, thank him, wish him well, and move on to the next one. Wren's got this.
  7. Oh really? UNT grad, season ticket holder, etc. Speaking out of your ass like some of the whiniest posts I've seen in this thread.
  8. Amen. Just about threw up reading some of the comments people have made about this man. This is the worst fan base I've ever seen. Pathetic showing for The University of North Texas.
  9. I'm sorry. I guess I have a completely different perspective on this. If K-State offers him $3 million/year, good on him for taking it. Just proves that North Texas has come a long way. If we have confidence in this administration, which I think we all do, then we should be comfortable with their ability to continue to find coaching talent. Let's not act like SL is going to turn down a 2x pay raise and a chance to coach in the Big 12 all in the name of not upsetting fans with what he promised from a press conference.
  10. GO MEAN GREEN! 8-3 with a game we should win. Have a good chance at a 10 win season.
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