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  1. TreeFiddy's post in DRC commentary: The big news is UNT's commitment to basketball was marked as the answer   
    I think McCarney and Benford were both examples of UNT athletics trying to reach beyond anything they had done in recent memory.  Both represented dramatic steps up in compensation for both positions.  Unfortunately, neither worked out.  
    However, instead of tucking our tail and retreating to the corner like you might expect, we bought out the largest contract in the history of UNT athletics, hired a new FB coach at an even higher salary, fired the AD, hired a new AD at a higher salary and made him a VP, added 3 new senior level staff positions to the atletic department while retaining all senior staffers,  and hired a sitting D1 coach at the highest level salary in the history of men's BB.
    Ya, I would say things seem a little different this time around.  Now it is time to see if we get different results.
  2. TreeFiddy's post in GIF-Only UNT-SMU Thread was marked as the answer   
  3. TreeFiddy's post in Coach Littrell is a Coaches Poll Voter was marked as the answer   
    Expect Iowa, Iowa State, Florida, and Wisconsin to drop in this year's rankings.
  4. TreeFiddy's post in 2 more possible targets/blue shirts? was marked as the answer   
    Looking at his timeline, it seems like the only thing possible would be that he is a graduate transfer.
    Man, what a night and day difference in the amount of effort being made in recruiting between this staff and the last.
  5. TreeFiddy's post in Marshall looking to bolt C-USA? was marked as the answer   
    President Smatresk, you have a call on line 1 from Karl Benson.  
  6. TreeFiddy's post in MGB: Some thoughts on where UNT goes from here was marked as the answer   
    John Nitardy is to the MGC what Chris Cosh was to the UNT defense.  
  7. TreeFiddy's post in More Baylor Assault Mess was marked as the answer   
    Antoine Dodson has been appointed as special investigator:
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