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  1. Sorry didn't have my coffee, it's in section 204 Row 11
  2. Rice vs. WKU I want to see how USF transfer QB Mike White does for WKU.
  3. A new guy we hired at my work (Him and his wife are Aggies) They both won the tickets at a UNT Race event and saw I had my UNT polo on. Ask if I bought tickets for the SMU game, I said no and he said had 2 tickets for sale since they are going to the UCLA game in College Station. Can't beat a $40 dollar savings!
  4. Section 114 row 11 shade area Got 2 tickets for $20
  5. Cal Won 51-31 but I thought the point spread was 21? Ah I won $500 on that game
  6. Is there a link to hear the coaches show from last night?
  7. We will easily be over 17k http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400547653 22,398 in 2014 at a 11am game
  8. Went to watch Allen play Hoover out of Alabama, Allen won 25-7 with a packed crowd of 20,000 plus.
  9. Need one of those monster truck rally type of commercials where announcer yells "Ticket's are only 12 BUCKS!"
  10. http://www.meangreensports.com/tickets/football.html They do group ticket rates as well. 80 tickets for only $5 a piece if somebody could organize that
  11. How many can the GA section hold? Anybody know?
  12. Anybody notice the ticket prices are cheaper in the GA? If we can't sell out the GA section at $12 a piece there's a problem. But I like the direction they are going at to get more butts in the seats.
  13. My brother in law is getting his Executive 119,000 dollar degree from there and my old favorite college lacrosse coach Karl Lynch (former Denton Hammer) has been coaching there 5 years now.
  14. CBSsports.com has us ranked 126 http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/rankings/cbs/128 SMU: Ranked 110 - Win - I see this going down to the wire B-C: N/A - Win FLA: Ranked 26 - Loss Rice: Ranked 65 - Loss MTSU: Ranked 55 - Loss Marshall: Ranked 53 - Loss Army: Ranked 113 - Win UTSA: Ranked 116 - Win LA Tech: Ranked 80 - Loss WKU: Ranked 39 - Loss SoMiss: Ranked 34 - Loss UTEP: Ranked 84 - Win Record 5-7
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