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  1. How is CUSA better than the Sun-Belt, based on regular season records and bowl wins, they appear better these days.
  2. I hear from my La Tech friend how La Tech's facilities are outdated and they don't have the funds to fix them, and how he wishes he had our budget and our facilities. But when it comes to winning and losing, they are constantly outperforming us. That's what irritates me. I am under the impression better facilities leads to better recruiting, which leads to winning, but that's not happening. At the end of the day, all I care about it winning. I feel like in our conference, we should have games that we "should" win, and then be competitive in all other games. But this season, I honestly didn't go into a single game with any confidence. In the 3 conference games that we won we outscored our opponents by 21, in the 4 conference games that we lost we were outscored by 81 points. The conference was pretty weak this year, so it's pretty sad to see that record and point differential.
  3. Not true. I sit 10-20 feet from where he was standing majority of the time. I can see everything he does and clearly see his facial expressions. He was disengaged for about 80% of that game. Standing by himself, kicking the dirt (literally), playing with his helmet, occasionally watching a play - only to dramatically roll his eyes and drop his head when a pass goes incomplete. I remember so much detail because I couldn't stop watching him, wondering why not a single coach came over to him to tell him to quit pouting and get engaged. I also wondered if we hadn't lost our QB coach right before the season would he be the one to do some actual coaching and talk to him (doubtful). Sitting so close to the side lines is a pretty cool experience, especially when we're winning and have a disciplined team. When we are in our current status, it's pretty depressing. It's extremely apparent that we have an undisciplined team. Here's just a few things I noticed: 1. While we're getting absolutely destroyed, I Players (not naming any specifically) on the side line are working on their dance moves and goofing around with each other. Not all of them, but an alarming amount. There were a handful of players who seemed like they had zero interest in the score. 2. I noticed one player specifically who was very upset about the situation but handling himself the completely wrong way: getting into a full blown argument on with the defender while the offense is trying to get lined up and losing his mind on the sidelines. 3. Coaches not performing any leadership responsibilities on the side lines. While the first two points (plus Bean) are happening - not a single coach is doing anything about it. The coaches are frantically flipping through their play books and consistently yelling basic instructions that should have been thoroughly covered in practice. With all the negativity, I did notice some good things: 1. There are some true leaders on this team (I have so much respect for them considering how much it's lacking from the coaches). I wish I remembered their names or numbers but there was an offensive linemen who was working on technique with teammates off to the side. There was a defensive lineman who walked over to a player who just got a personal foul and gave him a stern talking (didn't see any input from the coaches on the matter). There was a young receiver who was trying to calm a veteran receiver down while he was going nuts over smack talk from the defender. 2. I don't know who this coach is, it kind of looked like Clint, but I'm not sure it was him - anyway, while we were totally getting our asses handed to us, the defense made a tackle for a loss and all the players started doing a coordinated dance on the field (while the USM offense is getting lined back up). This coach blew up, marched almost to mid-field where they were dancing, and aggressively told them to quit dancing and get lined up. They immediately stopped and got lined up like they should have already done - I didn't see much of this from any of the other coaches. Basically this a very undisciplined team and I don't see how we can beat anyone, maybe UTEP, but not much outside of them. That's a result of coaching. Not saying it's time to clean house, but I hope they realize this and get it together.
  4. I meant to say more improvement. Leaving out that word makes it sound like there has been no improvement which, yes I agree, sounds like no progress has been made and that is not true.
  5. I did not equate a bad last year to not having made* any progress.
  6. He should be on the hot seat. When we made bowl games we didn't show up, when we made the conference championship we didn't show up, now we can't even make it to the bowls to begin with. I look at someone like Skip at La Tech and find it incredible what he is able to do recruiting-wise and continually pump out a winning record season after season with 1/4 - 1/2 the resources of North Texas. Then you look at what Seth has done, who makes quite a bit more than Skip, and I can't help but scratch my head as to why we haven't seen improvement during his tenure. I don't actively see the things that he's doing (as I do with Grant and basketball) and I simply want more out of my football coach. I know there's a ton of behind the scenes things constantly going on, but there's a disconnect because the results aren't there.
  7. And now she works at UNT. Can't wait to see what she does here.
  8. They played strategically to kill the momentum of the crowd too. We started a North... Texas... chant and they played right in the middle of it and killed it. Pretty smart.
  9. One thing to keep in mind, and I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think the donor money represents direct donations, while other category captures indirect donations (i.e. MGSF / MG club). Bottom line still remains donations section is weak.
  10. http://cafidatabase.knightcommission.org/reports/ad0feb95 Extremely important according to the data.
  11. Anything has to be better than Ticketmaster. The online interface was terrible
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