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  1. DemolitionDan

    Mean Green Ditches Ticketmaster, Moves to Paciolan

    Anything has to be better than Ticketmaster. The online interface was terrible
  2. Dang I Miss George Dunham on the play by play.
  3. Good to know. Okay. I will be there and for anyone else who has the capability of making it - hopefully you’ll be there. I predicted 5-7 at the beginning of the year with no bowl. These guys worked their tails off and went 9-3.... 9-3!!!! Regardless of why that bowl was chosen You bet your ass I’m down to go have a little fun on Bourbon and squeeze in one last chance to watch this team live.
  4. DemolitionDan

    Wilson in a boot on the sideline

    Most likely a fractured bone in foot. I feel for Wilson. He’s been one of my favorite players to watch at North Texas. One hell of a player.Thanks for giving it all you got game in and game out buddy!
  5. DemolitionDan

    SL Press Conference - LA Tech

    That’s just the edge all good coaches have
  6. DemolitionDan

    Score Prediction: UNT vs Louisiana Tech - 11/4

    I think the team will prepare accordingly for this one... plus a LA Tech co-worker told me that the starting quarterback is in a boot and will be out?? I'll take UNT: 45 LAT: 34
  7. DemolitionDan

    Under Seth Littrell, UNT is 5-1 in one score games

    Texas Tech ball
  8. DemolitionDan

    Seth Littrell on with Dale Hansen

    I know this is next year's problem, but I'd imagine Seth's phone is ringing quite often with offers. I really hope we can keep him for a couple more years.
  9. DemolitionDan

    Official FAU Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT: 38 FAU: 31
  10. DemolitionDan

    CUSA Offensive POW: Mason Fine

    Speaking of fine..... for the second week in a row, Conference USA reporter of the week goes to Madi Morris!
  11. DemolitionDan

    So. Miss vs UTSA

    So... nUTSAck’s yellow money bucket? It’s a way to incentivize players for scoring touchdowns... Not sure I get it? Are they paying their players for every touch down?
  12. Congrats Jalen! I vote Mandi for Conference USA reporter of the week.
  13. DemolitionDan

    How to increase MGC Membership/Donors

    I have been a club member for 4 years, and will continue to be, but I someone what agree with this. There isn't a huge value add coming from being a club member, and if there was an immense amount of school pride, or an awesome product associated with the club (I.e. Continuous winning seasons) then the high value add wouldn't be as necessary. But due to the abscence, the AD department should make it more than worth the donation. This is can be done a couple of different ways. First, the aforementioned inside, behind the scene access for club members is a great idea and makes people feel more apart of the program. Second, imo I think it would be awesome if it was almost structured as a credit card rewards program where priority points (which I'm not even sure they're tracking anymore) could be redeemed for autographed memorabilia/access to exclusive events/game day gear and the higher you donate and longer you're a member the more points you earn. Lastly, at a minimum make it worth it for people who don't live in the dfw area and can't regularly attend games but want to support the program.
  14. DemolitionDan

    USA TODAY RE-rank

    Ranked above SMU
  15. DemolitionDan

    In Hattiesburg for Work

    Does anyone have a good bar suggestion? thanks in advance