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  1. They played strategically to kill the momentum of the crowd too. We started a North... Texas... chant and they played right in the middle of it and killed it. Pretty smart.
  2. One thing to keep in mind, and I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think the donor money represents direct donations, while other category captures indirect donations (i.e. MGSF / MG club). Bottom line still remains donations section is weak.
  3. http://cafidatabase.knightcommission.org/reports/ad0feb95 Extremely important according to the data.
  4. Anything has to be better than Ticketmaster. The online interface was terrible
  5. Good to know. Okay. I will be there and for anyone else who has the capability of making it - hopefully you’ll be there. I predicted 5-7 at the beginning of the year with no bowl. These guys worked their tails off and went 9-3.... 9-3!!!! Regardless of why that bowl was chosen You bet your ass I’m down to go have a little fun on Bourbon and squeeze in one last chance to watch this team live.
  6. Most likely a fractured bone in foot. I feel for Wilson. He’s been one of my favorite players to watch at North Texas. One hell of a player.Thanks for giving it all you got game in and game out buddy!
  7. That’s just the edge all good coaches have
  8. I think the team will prepare accordingly for this one... plus a LA Tech co-worker told me that the starting quarterback is in a boot and will be out?? I'll take UNT: 45 LAT: 34
  9. I know this is next year's problem, but I'd imagine Seth's phone is ringing quite often with offers. I really hope we can keep him for a couple more years.
  10. Speaking of fine..... for the second week in a row, Conference USA reporter of the week goes to Madi Morris!
  11. So... nUTSAck’s yellow money bucket? It’s a way to incentivize players for scoring touchdowns... Not sure I get it? Are they paying their players for every touch down?
  12. Congrats Jalen! I vote Mandi for Conference USA reporter of the week.
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