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  1. 14 hours ago, Quoner said:

    If you want a job at Lily of the Desert this badly, please take it to LinkedIn. 

    No thanks...but having spent two years assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector and Del Rio Sector of the US Border Patrol I kind of have a sense of the dire consequences of what's happening there. Just a joke about the disaster of our present policies.

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    20 hours ago, GrandGreen said:

    There are few if any AD's that would have fired Littrell after the finish NT had last year.  I would have preferred a coaching change, but IMO Littrell earned another year even with a very disappointing bowl performance. 

    Many seem to assume that a new hire is going to be more successful.  Certainly not guaranteed and if history is any indication probably unlikely.

    DD obviously didn't consistently win here, he won and should be lauded for it in a new conference with mostly weak teams.  DD killed his own program with lackluster recruiting compounded by his health issues.  

    Not sure what you call the modern era, but Rod Rust did pretty well before Fry.  

    Littrell is here for next season, and I believe will to have at least a winning season to get any kind of extension.  Eight wins probably get him a new contract, less than seven wins and he is likely gone.  A 7 win season is a coin toss with how NT finished probably the primary factor in a hiring/firing decision.  




    7 or 8 wins but one HAS to be a bowl.

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  3. Your Kool Aid must be a little more stout than mine...at least better than 6 wins. But that first game is quickly becoming a pressure game and SL doesn't do good to often in pressure games of late.

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  4. 16 hours ago, tmjerm said:

    When I look at the schedule I see 6 too but if we can somehow beat WKU and UAB (not counting on it), that’s the 8-4 path I’d figure.  FAU and LT will both be tough too. 

    UTEP - W

    SMU - L

    TSU - W

    UNLV - W

    Memphis - L

    FAU - W

    LT - W

    UTSA - L

    WKU - L*

    UAB - L*

    Rice - W

    If that is a correct prediction a bowl win might be hard to come by.

  5. Cali Governor Newsome sez he may step in to the fray of these two schools leaving to go into B10...this may get more interesting.

    Sorry..left out he was referring to UCLA.


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