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  1. We are referred to as a cupcake because we are; RV did everything from hiring the wrong coaches to establishing a lousy schedule year in and year out. Until we have a coaching staff that can go out and sell the UNT program we'll still be a cupcake. BTW, there is absolutely no reason we can't compete with the likes of U of H, SMU, TCU and others for 3 and 4 star athletes. We have a lot sell here in Denton, you just have to be convincing and know who to contact; coaches get off your ass and go recruit!!!
  2. Rick needs to go plain and simple. He's been there too long and our dismal record in sports has a direct reflection of his decisions off the field. Good news, we have good facilities, location and a large student body. We need to take advantage of this now, with a new direction and new leadership.
  3. If the Big12 expands it will be Houston for sure, TV market and location; bet on it!
  4. Texas State should be in the CUSA conference; would make for a great rivalry. We should make this a priority to get them on our schedule ASAP! They have over 25,000 students and are growing...
  5. This is a favorable schedule for us, last year was the worst I've seen in my 35 years of watching Mean Green football (thank's Rick V). Now, if we're developing players and putting them in the right positions we just might surprise some people. Everyone say's we have no talent, not true, these players need to be developed. We'll see how good the coaching staff really is this fall. "Show us what you got", should be exciting to see. SMU is a must game for the program and I think we win this one...no game on Halloween and after Thanksgiving, sweet! Oh, BTW, being on the Army campus around Oc
  6. Amazing, last year was so bad they had video's of other student athletes begging for support, year before that they had a barley out of college student (female, valley girl) reading some boring speech regarding support for the mean green club, that's why I quit going...If this year was good, hats off to someone on Rick's staff. Look guys, this should be nothing but a cheer leading session about our football team and the new players; also, a preview of the up-coming season of 2016. Yet again, this comes down to the leadership of the AD; he does not understand putting on a good show. Go to the k
  7. We need to be playing Texas State, and they should be in CUSA eventually... Would be a great rivalry from 2 big schools ( State has like 25,000 students) close to each other. Tell the Athletic director to pull his head out and schedule them!
  8. Look, we have a long ways to go, McCarney, WTF? Didn't these guys have recruits on a string from the summer and fall. What? Did the coaches just stop recruiting? We have zip recruits from the DMN area top 100, this is unacceptable! Thank Rick V for putting us in this hole. Let's hope Littrell can dig us out...
  9. Would have been nice to hear the frickin questions being asked...that being said, this is a solid recruiting class; goes to show what can be done with competent people running the show.
  10. Okay here it is: 1 Recruit (top 100 players in the area and state of Texas) and develop players. 2 Win 3 Advertise (let people know who you're playing and when) in the Dallas morning news sports section (a must) and social media second. 4 no more body bag games, we'll play anyone out of conference but must be a home and home. 5 must start scheduling marque games at home, teams that will bring fans and teams that people want to see us play (Texas Tech, Baylor, OSU, Houston, Kansas St.)
  11. Vizza left because his father got pissed that Rick hired Dodge and his father thought Riley would start instead of his son. Dad pulled him out of school, he transferred to A&M and lasted 1 year on the scout team. Don't know why, he was a great QB at UNT and would have probably started every game regardless of Riley.
  12. Hire the UTA coach, he can recruit and coach, Benford is an idiot, another great hire by RV! When will it ever end???
  13. Can he recruit Texas high schools, that's the most important asset for our future!
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