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  1. In 1969 Cedric Hardman had 39 sacs for the season as a defensive end. He had 11 sacks in one game against Tulsa. He played in 2 post season All Star games as was Defensive MVP in both games. He surely is close to the top of this list.
  2. I played this game for a long time in the olden days. I have seen Mason come off the field twice with ankle/foot issues. I want him to put up big numbers for the Heisman. I also don't want to loose him in a meaningless game.
  3. Framed, under glass autographed game jerseys of Patrick Cobb and Jamario Thomas commemorating their back to back NCAA Rushing Leaders 2003 and 2004.
  4. A college coach primary goal is to win football games. Their future, players future and University requires them to win for the benefit of all shareholders. NCAA does not require that information concerning injuries be released. A coach would not want to allow next weeks opponent's game plan to improve due to an injury report. I assure you most, if not all ncaa coaches do the same thing because they want to control all they can for both the mental and physical side of the game.. Seth wants to win, we want Seth to win hence we should allow him all the control he can to win next weeks game.
  5. A 6th grader knows the play is not over until the whistle blows Arkansas stopped playing and walked off the field with the ball still in play. That is indicative of poor coaching and lack of discipline. These are SEC football players not Godebow Middle school. Norm Hitzges said on the ticket this morning that Ryan Switzer tried this twice when he was at UNC. I don't remember any furor overer his attempts.
  6. Here you go no fair catch - YouTube.webarchive
  7. Actually when I wrote the earlier post I think I was the victim of a heavy handed bartender. My response tonight was to see if you have a sense of humor, which you obviously do. I am a 1970 alum and when you mix martini's with what some think ,I am a victim of early onset old timers, you never know what might happen next. Fare well my brother
  8. The punt return emanated from our Special teams coach noting, on tape, that you guys do not finish strong on punts. Every kid that ever played the game knows the play is not over until the whistle blows. Don't you think players in the SEC should know the rules. Your players turned and walked off the field while the ball was live. That is indicative of poor coaching and lack of discipline. Our return guy ia a walk on who was a trained fire fighter. Sure looked like you guys were way out coached. Good luck with your hiring process.
  9. I just noted that Arkansas is number 22 in 2019 D1 recruiting. After Saturday there should be some decommits They kindly listed the Texas commits which should be good prospects for UNTArkansas 2019 Football Commits in Texas.htmArkansas
  10. Oh, I thought you said Dr Phil. my bad
  11. Mentioning RV usually causes food fight on this board.
  12. This play was indicative of poor coaching and lack of discipline by the UA. These guys have been playing football sine Pop Warner days. They know the play is not over until the whistle blows. Watch as they just turn and walk off the field. I read in another post that our special teams coach noticed they did not finish up on punts and used that to our advantage. UA made numerous errors that were indicative of a poorly coached team.
  13. Ryan Switzer pulled this off when he was at UNC. After the Cowboys drafted him I went back and watched all his replays on youtube and thought it was genius. He tried it on a return when he was with the Cowboys and got his ass smashed. I must assume someone else at UNT saw that terrific ploy. It can only be pulled off if you have great coaching.
  14. Fine is more than fine, HarrelL will bend em over a barrel, Littrell is Wyatt in tombstone " HELL IS COMING, AND I'M COMING WITH IT"
  15. Ryan Switzer used that ploy while he played for UNC
  16. 42 UNT 6 SMU Deja Veux all over again June Jones last SMU game and Sonny Dykes first
  17. Do you think you guys will bring at least 500 fans this year?
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