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  1. Colorado State was pounded at home by in-state rival Colorado. Not sure we will get a good read on them until we play them. Probably true for our beloved Mean Green as well.
  2. I was watching the game on my phone. I got a call from another member on the board that was on the verge of beating his dog, kids, wife, and in no discernible order who was as upset as i was. In Houston, i was 2 mins behind on ESPN 3 all day. It didn't mean much all day. But in the final mins, it was everything. I thought all hope was gone. We talked thru the first few plays. It seemed pedestrian, but then the long ball... I couldn't believe we had a chance... I had to talk my buddy off the ledge that this was another north texas season where we lost the base and disappointed the true fans. Then the impossible happened. We connected a pass, Mason Fine heroically stood his ground and completed a pass for a touchdown in the closing seconds. I was elated. My kids and I jumped up and down. All was right with the world. Unfortunately not many noticed, but as a UNT fan I do not care. I love the win and I love those who brought it to us. GMG. Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine into my life. We all can be heros, even if it is just for one day.
  3. We used to call guys like you telephone tough guys back in the day. I am not sure what it is called now. However it is never a good idea to run your mouth, or keyboard in this case. There are many former players on the thread. Stick around awhile and you will learn who they are and appreciate their insight. We all appreciate the passion for the team/school just remember that while we all can disagree we are all green. GMG Beat UTSA.
  4. He has a hot wife. Does that count as a positive? Check that, they are divorced. Guess I can't think of a positive now!
  5. I should have been more clear; Navy was the start of the slide. I believe if Houston would have pulled off that game they would have not have come out so flat against SMU. It is not shocking that SMU came to play Houston since they are old SWC teams. I still think the Big 12 was in play for Houston at that time and SMU wasn't even in the running. Regardless, Houston punched Louisville in the mouth. Congrats to the Cougars.
  6. Houston doesn't have the pedigree. Sad. Good team. Bad loss to Navy in the aftermath of a hurricane.
  7. GM1998

    Poor SMU

    This is sad, troubling, and insensitive. However I believe this type of "behavior" isn't isolated to SMU... Thank goodness my children are young. I am not sure I want to pay to subject them to the lunacy that is professed by academia and associated out of touch administrators on campuses across this nation. Hopefully there are some good places left. However they don't make the news... Strange days brothers. Strange days.
  8. U.S. Army 1998 - 2004. Stationed at Fort Bragg, enlisted in the Infantry after graduating from UNT. Became an Officer via OCS in 2001. Stationed at Fort Bliss as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. Deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003. Happy Veteran's Day brothers. GMG beat WKU!!!!! Airborne!
  9. UNT 38 WKU 35 I went to the Emit Smith school of picking games. Total Homer. I just can't stand picking against the MG. GMG
  10. WKU has a nice stadium, hopefully it is a good game day experience as well. I played soccer there in 1991 at their old facility that had only bleachers on one side of the stadium (soccer and football shared the same stadium just like at fouts). I had the strangest sight at the game that day in late October. I am pretty sure I witnessed a guy get "serviced" by a girl in the uppermost section of the stadium. Like I said, it was a large one sided stadium, but I guess the game was boring because they took the opportunity to take advantage of a semi-private moment, under a strategically placed blanket, at the very top of the bleachers. Oh well, this wasn't really associated with traveling to Bowling Green for the game, but I know that guy had fun at the game I was at! GMG Beat the Hilltoppers!
  11. UNT: 38 La Tech: 28 Homecoming and a green out carry the day!!! GMG
  12. When you win you act like you have been there before. It is the class thing to do. Just like welcoming the opposing team to your stadium and wishing them luck the rest of the season, albeit next game . I have seen this type of behavior displayed numerous times at Apogee. Either the guys who troll our boards have no class or are too new to football to understand that respect for your opponents is paramount and speaks volumes as to the character of you specifically and possibly your fan base. As to the fan who experienced profanity in the stands I can only say that is a risk of attending a football game. I have kids and have seen/heard profanity in the stands. I have also been the guy with a group of guys who if our wives, mothers, and/or co-workers would have heard what we were talking/screaming about than I would have been embarrassed come Monday am. Football is a violent and emotional game. If you don't want to hear the occasional F Bomb than enjoy the game at home. For my money I like a little back and forth with the opposing fans. As long as it doesn't turn violent and mutual respect can be expressed after than game on. I will be in the stands for the La Tech game. I will apologize in advance for anything I let slip... GMG
  13. You are a fan of one team or a troll. Pick one!
  14. John is staying, at least until the Lady Mean Green get a National Championship!!!!! GMG
  15. Hudson High is going down. 28-17 UNT. GMG
  16. They were bowl eligible and were not selected to play in one the same year they found out that the school was pulling the plug on football. Bad year for the Blazers. I wish them luck in their rebuilding. Kind of hard to un-ring the bell. They basically self imposed the death penalty on the squad!
  17. I thought only federal jobs paid without doing any work? Says the guy federally employed since 1998....
  18. Army has different height and weight standards. It is accurate, however not that different... That was the reason that my West Point buddy gave me. Regardless of the reason, Army just doesn't get the athletes that the other service academies get. As a non-West Point former Officer I liked to chide my Hudson High buddies about the team, specifically the parity between Navy and Air Force, but with the streak that Navy has going I just keep my mouth shut. I had never considered the prolonged conflict(s) as a reason for the decline in the on field talent. I guess it makes as much sense as any reason. Regardless, I wish all service academies success. Not just because I am a veteran, but because I am an American.
  19. Army plays for tradition and the hope that one day they can beat Navy again. If you happen to know any of their alumni they would take a one win season if they could just break the strangle hold that Navy has going. Playing service academies is great for our team. I doubt that Army will join our conference but I would welcome the opportunity should it arise. Not sure we want Navy though. The 2007 game vs Navy still hurts!
  20. 100 votes to you sir if they were mine to give.
  21. When the University asks you for money I believe you get a say. However, how it is delivered will depend on its effectiveness.
  22. Does it work? Is Apogee a hard building to kick in? I don't think so. Colleges have many quirky and cool traditions. I don't think the squirrel fits in the cool/effective category. We are a music school, I would like to see the assembled fans sing "Come back to Texas" by bowling for soup, a band who earned its chops in Denton, before the start of the 4th quarter. Or some other Texas based song that links to Denton. Similar to UVW and Colorado singing John Denver songs. It is just a thought. We are known for our music, I would like to weave it into the game time experience a bit more. However I don't think that will distract opposing kickers any either...
  23. UNT is slow to come around to that concept. I was talking to an alumni from a SEC school. Their goal was $10 every year from every alumni. Start with that! The rest can give what they can afford/desire.
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