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  1. He's trying to keep his team focused and not let their guard down. Pretty much every coach in every sport talks up the next opponent.
  2. What's up with this Kuykendall kid from Houston? Is he just on a loaded team and not getting a lot of snaps? Doesn't seem to be producing this year.
  3. This is what a QB is supposed to do for his playmakers. Not necessarily throw it in double coverage but if it's 1 on 1, give them a chance to get up and go get it. If you're waiting on your guys to be wide open every single play, things become problematic.
  4. I like the idea with one exception. If we want current students and recent alums to get rowdy, playing only the Eagles, Orbison, Meatloaf and others from prior generations doesn't do much. Mix it up. Give everybody some music to be excited about. Doesn't matter if they're not UNT alum. If you want the next generation of alums to have favorable memories, all you have to do is make it a fun experience and win some games.
  5. I agree with your whole point but especially this. I loved all of the gadget plays and misdirections we've seen lately. I agree with others we've had some dumb penalties on them but if we can work out the kinks, running all the wildcats and gimmicks is great to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers. If Aune can't get our guys the ball consistently, they need to find otherwise of doing that. Aune has thrown 20 passes each of the past two weeks and our offense looked more explosive and more efficient at sustaining drives overall. I'm a fan. Our strengths are in the ground game. Let's try to keep it up next week against a tougher opponent.
  6. I don't think anybody is happy with him as coach. We're playing hypotheticals. Happy with him or not, if we win out and finish 11-3, there's no way you can fire him. It would mean winning a conference championship and bowl. I don't think it'll happen at all but we're just throwing it out there because there's some saying there's absolutely no scenario where they want him back next year. I agree with @TheColonyEagle comment that he'll lose 3 of the next 4 because it's what he does. He's shown us time and time again that he's a .500 coach. I'm not happy with his production as UNT's coach. I'm looking forward to starting AAC play with somebody else at the helm.
  7. It's just hard to invision a world where SL pulls that off so it's easy to say you wouldn't want to retain him in the event that came true. If we went 11-3, he'd probably get hired away anyways. Personally for me, I was pleased with the emphasis on running the ball today and if we keep that identity, I think we can hang with UTSA.
  8. I mean, they said on the ESPN+ telecast that UNT had the fourth longest conference winning streak in CFB with other 3 having been to the playoffs last season so that means we're almost there, right?
  9. Winning out would mean a conference championship and a bowl win putting us at 11-3, no? You're right, ain't no way he'd lose his job. Frankly, if that's what were to happen I think many here would change their tune.
  10. Bean made some great throws in tight coverage today against OU. Unfortunately some were dropped and then with OU completely dominating the LOS and running all over Kansas while limiting Kansas run plays, Kansas kind of abandoned the option game. He's a much better passer this year than you seem to think.
  11. I hate our clock management. Run a play with a little over 1 minute left in the quarter to get the clock running but instead of taking our time, we run plays every 10 seconds, end up getting a false start followed by an incompletion and now we start the second quarter with a punt. Could have started the second quarter with a 2nd or 3rd down snap but instead our defense gets 90 seconds of gametime to rest before running back out.
  12. I made a Jason Bean "watch" thread because I was thinking the same and I will say as of right now, they look about the same as passers but Bean has better wheels. Doesn't help that OU is dominating the line of scrimmage, has almost completely taken out the option game, and put up nearly 500 yards of offense and 35 points the first half.
  13. Throws a rocket for a long TD in double coverage against OU. WR Arnold bobbled it but ultimately came down with it in the endzone. OU 7 - 7 Kansas
  14. Scott Frost makes me a bit nervous due to his abysmal record at Nebraska (never finished .500 in a single season). I get it's a tough conference but they have so many resources available that it baffles me how he had absolutely zero success. Herman at least had a 10-win season at Texas. He also never had a losing season. His results just weren't up to their standards but he and Fuente would be my 1a and 1b in no particular order. Matt Campbell would be my next favorite if he became available. I feel like this is as good a year as any to hire a new coach and I'm confident the current HC salary pool could attract one of those guys here.
  15. A team with zero losing seasons and 3 conference championships in its short existence is joining our former conference in 2 seasons. Cool.
  16. Ummm no. $2 million per year puts him near the top of the G5, especially once Houston and Cincy move to the Big 12. If he's getting paid near the top of the G5, he should be performing near the top of the G5. Sorry but I don't consider making a bowl game in this era as making the post season when there's 44 bowl games. When 88/131 FBS teams will play in a bowl, it's no longer an accomplishment. For his salary, he at least needs conference championships. I'd agree with you if he were making closer to $1 million.
  17. If Gus Malzahn makes 2 million at UCF, Leipold makes $2.4 million at Kansas, and it's estimated Sonny Dykes made $1.3 million at SMU, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to get an experienced HC or somebody trying to get back to a HC gig like a Herman or a Patterson, if they're interested, with our current salary range. We're paying too much to hire a 33 year-old coach with 10 years coaching experience to be our next HC. If we hired somebody like Garrett Riley, I'd hope we would significantly lower that HC salary and greatly boost the assistant coach salary pool or maybe even add some assistant coaching spots. On average, CUSA programs have 21 football staff members, AAC has 25, your P5 conferences average about 29 to 31.
  18. I think sometimes we underestimate the value an elite QB can have on all three phases (ha!). If you're putting up points and can get out to an early lead, you force the opposing offenses to be a bit more risky to keep up and you can be a bit more aggressive rushing the opposing QB. Not always true and like you implied, we still need more talent on defense, but a really strong offense can force opposing teams out of their comfort zone. From a special teams aspect, punting from your 20 following a 3-and-out versus punting from your 50 can swing the field positioning battle in your favor and also help your defense.
  19. ... there are 131 D1 FBS programs in the country. Which means there are only 131 D1 FBS head coaching positions. Being a D1 FBS head coach means you're at the top of the coaching world, outside the NFL. It's a big deal. If the UNT position came open, there would be plenty of qualified applicants. Not sure what you view as qualified but based on the other part of your comment, I'm assuming you mean somebody who's actively a college head coach. If the position came open, you'd definitely have current college head coaches trying to move to a bigger program applying for the job.
  20. I think it's just outside perception of certain programs. You go back to when there were talks of SL going to K-State, it's not like we were at the top of the G5 world. We had a good offense and had back-to-back 9 win seasons. No 10+ wins, no bowl wins, no conference championships, but to the college football world, two 9 win seasons as UNT was a big deal. I think if he made about $1.5 million, he wouldn't have made this list of overpaid coaches. I also don't think an AD at a P5 is going to read this article and scratch SL off their list of future head coaches. If he gets to 8+ wins this year, he'll have led us to 6 bowl appearances and 1 (maybe 2) conference championship game appearances. Many think that's good for UNT.
  21. "Seen as one of the top young offensive minds in all of college football, the" ... "will be in the mix at Wisconsin, where he played, and at Arizona State, which is in need of a major reboot on that side of the ball. Since being hired in 2018," ... "has accounted for two of the five bowl appearances and one of the two division championships in program history." I took out the name of the excerpt above for y'all to read. It looks like something that could have been written about Littrell early in his career here. Shows how fast things can change. For those wondering where that excerpt above is from, scroll down on the link of most overpaid coach down to "Which 5 college football coaches are ready to cash in? Let’s start with Kansas’ Lance Leipold." The above is about Kent State coach Sean Lewis. Since taking over in 2018, Kent State hasn't won more than 7 games in a season and they currently sit at 2-4 this season. Shows how some places are viewed as perennial losers and any sliver of success there gets a HC on the poaching list. I wouldn't be surprised if UNT wins 8+ games this year, we see SL get hired by a P5 program because of the outside perception of our program. Based on historical results, they wouldn't be wrong either. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/sports/ncaaf/2022/10/13/up-and-coming-college-football-coach-list/8130792001/
  22. I agree from a football sense. I'm also looking at it from the perspective of a young adult. You get to live in LA free of charge, have the beach nearby, the beautiful weather, a historic athletic department, a ton of things to do. I personally wouldn't move there as a family man but there's certainly some cities young adults with no responsibilities look to move to for the experience and fun and LA is one of them.
  23. I believe another poster here is friends with a Bishop Lynch coach who was told they left because there was too much money on the table. Not necessarily proof since it's an anonymous poster on a message board. Up to you to decide if that's valid or not.
  24. 1. Mccormick only got 2 carries in the second half, both in the first drive, before also being rested. 2. Three of our TD drives were 26 yards or less due to the unforced fumbles. In other words, not like we were constantly driving 80 yards for scoring drives. I'm not going to go back and forth on this again. After the sloppy start, UTSA started warming the bus. You can believe whatever you want. I'm going to look at the entire season and the fact that we were blown out the very next game while they won the conference. SL and Co didn't just mysteriously put it together for one game against an undefeated opponent and then wet the bed again the next game but if believing that helps you sleep at night, go right ahead. Funny how everybody wants SL gone due to lack of results but then wants to believe with all their might that SL coached the team to beating a ranked 11-0 opponent less than a year ago.
  25. You're wasting your time with all of this. I tried in another thread. Taking away the UTSA win is taking away one of the good wins against a good team in a decade. It's a memory some want to remain as positive. One of the common responses is that the weather was for both teams which completely ignores the fact that passing games are limited in torrential downpours and limiting Harris vs limiting Aune are two completely different impacts on an offense. They're also ignoring that Harris was taken out at halftime, presumably to prepare for the conference championship game which they won while we were preparing to get clobbered in another bowl game. Weather being part of the game doesn't make a win any less fluky. Both can be true.
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