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  1. Going to be honest, if it's uniform related I think I'll be a bit disappointed. That post alludes to significant news buuuttt it's the day before a game so I doubt the update too impactful. Maybe they hired a QB coach? Lol.
  2. And considering the Alamodome is in the heart of San Antonio. While Denton is technically part of DFW, it's on the far outskirts with 2 other D1 college programs in Dallas and Fort Worth. If anybody wants to watch D1 football in San Antonio, UTSA is the only place to get it. I'd say 22k in attendance is bad considering their situation.
  3. I believe you can model clothes and run ads before they hit the stores.
  4. If McCaffrey plays 2 more games this season, it'll be the most he's played since 2019. I think Wilson is fine for now. You don't go from starter to practice squad just like that. Most likely another RB is being pushed out.
  5. 1) score lots of points 2) keep them from scoring even more points 3) keep doing 1 and 2 until the clock is all zeros in the 4th quarter. Did I do this right?
  6. Feeling optimistic about this one as well. Run game, Shorter, and Gumms have me believing.
  7. Good preview. I personally would rather read than listen, mostly because when I have this kind of free time it's because my kids are at school and the last thing I want to do is hear more talking. Well written. If we stick to running, even if we fall behind a bit early, I think we've got a good chance of coming home with W. Horton looks like a special Swiss army knife type of guy. Hope the staff keeps him involved.
  8. "High major interest" followed by a list that includes North Texas. Well boys, we finally did it. Edit: I actually clicked the link and read the article. He breaks down his thoughts on each program he's been in touch with. The article was written in March. Makes me wonder how much that nearly packed Super Pit affected his decision. Surely it left a great impression. North Texas: “I took an unofficial visit last week and saw their game vs. Louisiana Tech when they won their conference. I think it would be really great to go there because I would still be around my mom and it would be easier for her to come to my games.”
  9. Stadium is free on their website. They also sometimes stream the games for free on Facebook. You shouldn't be missing any games that Stadium carries.
  10. It's not shown on his 247, but per his Twitter he also received offers from Xavier, Tulsa, and Boston University over the summer.
  11. Just got a CBS sports update with this. Awesome news!
  12. My observation, this appears true at all levels. Outside of the top elite talent getting 6+ figure NIL deals, it appears players are still transferring "down" for a chance at playing time. This includes P5 to G5 transfers. I think the idea of all the good G5 players fleeing to P5s for big NIL deals is overall overblown. Sure, some will try to leave but most just want to play their last years of the game they love and aren't riding the bench elsewhere for an extra $20k to $30k.
  13. Gotcha. I'll file this one under the "mind your own business" folder, then. 🤣 I'm not going to once again dig deeper into this Aune debate. I just hope when Aune leaves, he takes whatever dirt he apparently has on SL with him so the other QBs can have a real QB competition.
  14. The poster I replied to specifically with that comment had been a big supporter of Aune over Gunnell for the reason of "what has he done here." It's always been about what the player has done here, completely disregarding pre-UNT play, but all of a sudden we care about what happened elsewhere prior to UNT. Nobody gave Gunnell the benefit of what he'd done prior to UNT, not even before it was apparent he had a limp. Just wondering why Lewis is getting that benefit without knowing his health status and when statistically he wasn't any better at Colorado than Gunnell was at Arizona. 58% completion percentage in 2021 doesn't exactly scream upgrade.
  15. Since when does starting at a bad P5 matter? 🧐 Pretty sure a certain Memphis QB from Denton said he didn't consider UNT because we showed interest late. Something to that effect.
  16. And you threw out a lot of good ones. I'd like to think the AD is doing the same...
  17. Listen, we could have prime Calvin Johnson and prime Randy Moss out there and it wouldn't change the location of the ground.
  18. Good receivers have nothing to do with overthrown and balls in the dirt. If our current receivers had a Fine-caliber QB throwing to them, I think some would also make the NFL. Actually I think regardless, Shorter could make it.
  19. I'm saying who cares if the songs are by UNT alum. The goal is to make the experience more fun so people keep wanting to show up, not to showcase music solely made by former students. I guarantee you the house parties around campus don't care if their playlists are composed only of UNT related music.
  20. I should not have read this lol. I was just working on getting work commitments handled that Saturday and buying tickets for my family. Second guessing myself. Doesn't sound like the game day experience I enjoyed as a student. In case I decide to go, can we park by Fouts and walk across the bridge? Why is Apogee still a cell phone dead zone?
  21. Ok thanks. I have a hard time finding high school stats without paying but I was a bit concerned when you posted another back at Westside had nearly 300 yards on 20 carries and 6 TDs a couple weeks ago or so. Was curious why another back would have that kind of production in one game while our commit puts up squat.
  22. Funny you mention Tulane... their last year in CUSA (2013), they went 7-6. It was their first time winning at least 6 games since 2002. Today they're ranked. Regardless of what we do with SL, I think we'll be ok.
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