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  1. That's coach speak for "if I torch this b to the ground I wouldn't get hired anywhere."
  2. Agreeing to disagree is a step in the right direction, but disagreeing on disagreeing is a tough road.
  3. After prayerful consideration and consultation with the appropriate legal and financial resources, I've decided to announce I am not open for consideration with regard to this position. I want to thank all parties involved and remain hopeful that an appropriate fit for all parties is realized. Again, thank you all.
  4. I read Sagarin had a rating of 146. How is that right? Is that a typo? Aren't there 128 teams? What does this mean and who is Sagarin?
  5. I REALLY wish this would have happened last year. You can say new coach, cleaning house, don't worry. Now, it's a year in and a coach/recruiter leaves weeks before NSD? Right after the scholarship issue with the TE recruit?
  6. Really? The punting, on side kick and kick offs were great in San Antonio.
  7. Man, it seems uphill both ways. What do you think happens next? Maybe a high school coach to bring in recruiting? Well d@#$. I agree, the special teams were outstanding. The timing is awful. Where is the panic thred, the recruiting was slow and now to lose him....?
  8. Was that his thing, recruiting? Who is left weeks before NSD?
  9. Does music and art really have that much of a stranglehold on the $? Surely Wren can do something?
  10. That's going to be one busy guy...did you see his schedule? B12 schools, AAC, whew...
  11. If he has hit his physical ceiling then this was a terrible signing. I can't believe 4 years of coaching, experience, strength and conditioning training wouldn't make a huge difference. Fines biggest problem was not having the opportunity to develop because he was busy running. The depressing thing is reading on here he has "moxy". That's code for getting drilled all game and still being able to get up. Littrell better get the OL fixed fast because no offense works when your QB is in gtho mode.
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