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  1. class84

    Most consecutive PATs in college football

    This is from a website called, take with the necessary grains of salt Most Consecutive Extra Points Made Game: 15—John Kincheloe, Portland St. vs. Delaware St., Nov. 8, 1980 Season: 73—Jarod Brown, Old Dominion, 2012 Career: 151—Adrian Mora, Ga. Southern, 2008-11
  2. class84

    Bought Tickets Today @ Apogee Tckt office yet...

    The whole #17 (pepperoni) with lettuce, mustard and tomato has been the go-to since 1980.
  3. class84

    Another Poll of Reality

    59% of voters think that our ranking is too high. I thought that was pretty funny....
  4. class84

    MUTS-Michigan St

    And brackets across the country are destroyed. Way to go MTSU...
  5. class84

    MUTS-Michigan St

    Not backing down in crunch time . Way to represent the conference, MUTS!
  6. class84

    MGB: NFL Combine invitation list out

    I thought Cody Spencer went to the combine in 2005, but still wasn't drafted....
  7. class84

    UNT in the Super Bowl

    I'm trying to come up with UNT/NTSU players that have played in the Super Bowl. I have Joe Greene, and Brian Waters with the Pats in his last season. I'm blank after that. Anyone else?
  8. class84

    Team Stats Vs. D1 Opponents

    At least we own the Blocked Shots statistic...
  9. class84

    UTEP vs. UNT 2015 Game Thread

    Never seen two teams less interested to be on the field..
  10. class84

    American sports network on Direct TV-DFW

    It is on in Arlington through UVerse on channel 1711. Found it just in time to see the first touchdown.
  11. class84

    What other teams do you like besides UNT?

    Root for: Maryland --daughter is an alum. And with the Big Ten network, I can actually keep up with their programs far better than UNT (sad to say) TCU --wife teaches there Syracuse -- always loved Syracuse basketball Root against under all circumstances: Texas A&M, Baylor, Duke, Clemson, SMU, Michigan State
  12. Johnson also probably hurt himself a little by posting only five bench reps. The lowest total among the 23 tackles at the combine was 16. A little? I'm going to call this the grossest understatement I have read in a long time.
  13. Arlington Lamar Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills RB. Interestingly, he didn't start in High School and went to the NFL via Coe College in Iowa. Other NFL players: Scott McGarrahan, Mitch Willis, Bobby Sign Shawn Walters should have been in the line of great USC running backs, but he got caught taking money in the 90's and his career dissolved
  14. class84

    OT : NJIT

    Our last BB win over a ranked team was in 1971 over Louisville. And this was the first time NJIT had ever played a ranked team.