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  1. which completely sucks. So whats the point of winning the regular season conf championship? that means our conf is set for a team to have to win regular season championship and conf tourney.
  2. IF that happens does the NCAA take both teams? they should.
  3. They need to win both of those games. Basically need to win out and hope for some help in order to win conf.
  4. Best wishes to Wyche. Can get more carries somewhere else. can't blame him for that.
  5. But yet somehow not the first team QB in CUSA....
  6. that's a pretty big thing to say. Art Briles? really? and i'm classless for questioning someones ability on the field? If you ever want to have a respectable and cordial conversation, come see me in section 102 front row next year. Just yell "Jeremy". and i do mean respectable. no ill feelings here.
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