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  1. We already had one coach who couldn't lay off the Grey Goose and look how well that turned out
  2. I think now, more than ever it makes sense to get one for the UTSA game. The "minority" needs to raise up and show them we are not playing. He is cocky, and thinks he is untouchable. We need to show him how much of a "minority" really wants him gone
  3. I noticed in the MGN Podcast you said Chris Thomsen was interested. I think he should be the front runner at this point. He's a proven winner, young, has head coaching experience, and can recruit. He makes the most sense to me, and I hope we go after him hard.
  4. http://www.navysports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/jasper_ivin00.html Let's do it
  5. I think I can understand his frustration. McNulty would lock into him as his first and only read 95% of the time. Hence why he was getting 8-9 catches a game with McNulty completing 13 passes a game. He was happy catching 8-9 balls a game. Now that we have a QB that actually goes through progressions and spreads the ball I wouldn't be surprised if his catches were cut down to 4-5 a game from here on out.
  6. Nice to see some highlights for the offense for once
  7. Ah, good point. I misunderstood what you meant. Wilson was solid all game, and the read option was working really well
  8. It was a thing of beauty watching him and Smith run the read option. Much like McNulty, Jimmerson has done what he can. Wilson and Ivery will be a solid 1-2 punch for the rest of their careers, especially if Wilson can pack on 20 pounds or so
  9. Yes, but only to listen to him talk in the third person. Chico gonna Chico
  10. You do realize Smith threw a 50 yard bomb for a TD before half right? Time management sucked before half, but they moved the ball enough to be in a position to take a shot and it worked
  11. Yeah, bad wording on my part. I guess I was just trying to get at the fact that Mac, for the longest time, kept shoving mini-mac down our throats saying "he's the guy. he's the guy. Iowa, Florida, National Championships, he's the guy". Chico and everyone else on the team knew Smith had a better arm, and finally he was able to say so, because the better arm was showcased in real game action. So, to correct myself, it was not dogging mcnulty by any means, just reiterating what everyone already knew. DaMarcus was and is a better athlete, and has a better arm than McNulty. Pure and simple.
  12. He didn't come out and say "McNulty sucks. DaMarcus Rulez. lolz" but it was a subtle shot at the guy. Chico probably didn't even realize it, but he was basically saying "This is what happens when you have a qb that has arm strength"
  13. I'm hoping I'm not the only one who caught Chico's press conference comment about the receivers dropping balls. Said something along the lines of "They're gonna have to get used to catching the ball this fast, they're not used to the ball hitting them so quickly." Straight up dogging McNuggets. I loved it
  14. So after tonight's performance, is it safe to say that McCarney not only handcuffed Chico's offense, but also the players that could best run it by being a stubborn old man and playing favorites? Just saying, minus the offensive line looking like swiss cheese, that's the offense I was expecting when they said it would be "uptempo". Sure we got our ass beat, but at least it was nice to see a competent qb, and a somewhat effective offense.
  15. Would be nice to see if they matched black pants with it. I personally think that would be the best look, but maybe thats just me
  16. Listened to it on the way to work this morning. As always, good stuff guys. Y'all make the commute from Denton to Dallas a little more bearable Thursday mornings!
  17. We could even possibly join this illustrious list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_100-point_games_in_college_football
  18. Fair point. I had no idea who he was. Just saw the Boise St. connection and assumed he was at least worth a damn at one point
  19. He still went 53-11 in five seasons at Boise St. Must have been doing something right.
  20. WKU - 84 UNT - 82 In a shootout to end all shootouts. 2000 yards of total offense. Benford takes notes on how to score more than 60 in a game. Still fails miserably
  21. What about Dan Hawkins? He preceded Chris Petersen at Boise St. and helped put them on the map in the early 2000's. He eventually left and Petersen took over, starting their dominance in the Mid-major world. Hawkins is only 54 and was really successful at Boise st. He wasn't nearly as good at Colorado, but has posted a 112-61-1 record as a head coach.
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