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  1. SouthBendGreen's post in Post-game Thoughts anyone? was marked as the answer   
    I bet Coach Mac gave them a solid chewing. We should have won that game 60-0. Two drives inside the 10 and we come away with FG's and 139yds in penalties. And a lot of dumb penalties at that. You know he won't tolerate that.

    After watching the two teams play last week I thought we would win quite easily, but nothing like this. SO GLORIOUS.

    And how exciting was it to see Dajon and J. Wilson line up the backfield for the future. Good stuff.

    Greer has a LONG way to go, but SMU fans must feel hopeless because all three of the QB's they trotted out there were terrible.
  2. SouthBendGreen's post in UNT Battle Flag Flying Proudly in Austin was marked as the answer   
    There were two bars on 6th street hanging north texas flags. Don't remember the names because it's possible I had just a smidge of alcohol in me. When we walked into one the id checker said "welcome home." Loved it. I also got a lot of GO MEAN GREEN walking up and down 6th.
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