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  1. I would take SWTexas State and have them come to Denton in 2015 which would give us 6 home games. And then start the schedules over the next year like we had to do a few years back. They bring good crowds and it would start another rivalry, and another close game when we had to go to San Marcos.
  2. It is amazing how some forget how great it was last year after foraging in the wilderness of football for 10 years. As stated previously. No team has a great year every year. There are ups and downs. Next year will be better. This is not a Dodge coached team and coach Mack will right the ship. A lot of you will be very surprised next year. This is growing pains this year.
  3. Another example look at Baylor, Northwestern State and Buffalo which are two examples. We are just playing the game like some of the bigger schools. We are just used to playing the money games and not the cupcakes like the big schools do.
  4. For years we all griped about never being on TV. Now we are on like the big boys at 11:00 a.m. so the whole nation Can see us and now we gripe about the esrly start time. We can't hsve it both ways. Do we want TV or do we just want to always play at 6:00 and never hsve TV.
  5. I got the call Tuesday afternoon and I let some friends listen to it. They thought it was a neat way to stir up Intrest for the game.
  6. Ijust saw the line on the SMU game Saturday is UNT by 4.
  7. No matter what some of you thought I did see some good signs from the team last night. I saw a defense (very young) who didn't quit. It was a defense which was outweighed by 52 pounds per man who was able to get 4 sacks on the Texas quarterback and a number of hits on him as well as many hurries. They didn't give up any 80 yard passes like we used to, and they played the whole game. It was a defense who had been talked about as being so young they would take time to gel. Well, I think they gelled pretty good makking Texas go four downs to score from the 3 yard line of which they didn'score on two down from the 1 yard line.
  8. The Waco paper her predicts it won't be that essy for Texas but they will pull away in the fourth quarter and win by 19. With the score of 43 to 23.
  9. Looking forward when I fly to Montana next week to go hunting of wearing my MeanGreen shirt, and coat. I fly on Delta thru Salt Lake City, so I think I will get some coments since BYU plays Texas next weekend.
  10. I get it free here in Waco on my Grande Cable, and have already set to record it. I was there on the 45 yard line 21 rows up among more UNT fans than UNLV fans on their side, and we gave all of them he__. They were goods sports about it though. I told them they would score first and it would be close at the half and we would take off the second half, which is exaxtly what happened.
  11. My friend in Austin in the know says Strong is still pushing the just score 50 and beat us by at least 5 TD's. I only hope coach gets the team up like he is capable of and that we have another Georgia game on our hands and we show the world UNT is a team to be feared. I don't think Texas has that much speed like NT since they are in a weakened state right now with the suspensions and hurt players.
  12. As I have stated numerous times watch out for Ivory. He will play Un a lot this year.
  13. I think Willie Ivory on a punt return. Just wait until all of you see what Willie can do and how fast he is.
  14. I think the reason they are showing us respect is because Mac rotated so many players in an out they figure we will just continue on with what we have especially the offensive line which is well respected and some of the good freshmen and just continue on like we were last year. There is a lot of respect for Mac out there no matter what some might think and they figure he will just reload and continue on. Mac has that tv reputation from Iowa State that once he gets a program going It will be fairly good every year.
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