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  1. Mason is nominated for this award again. He is in second but by only 30 ish votes.
  2. Did any one else just hear the post game guy talking about us vs Fau in the championship. “They just got back from South Florida...they will have to stay out of the pool this time “. Then a smirk at the camera haha
  3. Alex Trlica - 233 - Texas Tech 2004-2007 Side note Denis Hopovac has the highest number of field goal attempts in a game at 9 against FIU in 2006
  4. UNC- 56 Clemson-7 Its a terrible blow out. Its made official at halftime that Littrell is headed to North Texas. The national announcers having nothing to talk about and end up talking about North Texas the entire second half. All of UNC's recruits switch to North Texas. We win the super bowl. Everyone parties.
  5. sigh.........I hope RV kept Chico's number in his jitterbug phone.
  6. Just stopped by the plano location and they are running out of stuff for sure. Same story as everyone...cashier was very excited and said she loves seeing lots of people coming and buying North Texas gear because she rubs it in her "tech" managers face. She also said the Flower Mound location has the biggest selection but Plano should catch up within a few weeks. It being located a block from my home does not look good for my wallet however.
  7. Pretty sweet...North Texas American footballers! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2532574/Sport-images-day-Our-picture-editors-selection-January-2.html
  8. Welcome to the forums wrx135 :)

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