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  1. Word! I do like NMSU joing CUSA though (if I remember correctly). I just don't see CUSA rising up. And I don't like the idea of adding more schools from FCS.
  2. Haha. I see what you did there! I should be more specific that I earned degrees from both. Side note: UNT ticket people don't like it when you go pick up your student ticket wearing UTSA gear. My bad. ☠️. I'd wear green for all the non-utsa games though.
  3. Man, im happy UTEP is going bowling. It's a good match-up for them. Hoping they get the dub. While on the topic of UTEP: should they stay with C-USA or go independent? I really don't know what the better move for them. But after the season they had, I'm waiting for some other positive UTEP news. Thoughts?
  4. Hey, I'm a UNT alum, too. I just happened to go to UTSA first.
  5. I always thought the Talons were the people firing the canon. If not, what group handles the canon?
  6. Dude, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. Lol. Same city same stadium. Basically same name and branding only one says "classic" on it.
  7. This is why i hang out on this board. There's probably more UTSA talk here than RowdyTalk. Give it some time for UNT sell tickets. Should be a decent turn out. But it is kind of hard to get hyped for a just-made-it last-minute bowl game. Also hard on the 23rd. Stay for the game or get on thefor Xmas? Also, this is why we need to increase the bowl eligibility to 7Ws and reduce the bowls. It'll give more value to these games.
  8. Are we sure about that 30k? Was that ticket sales or actual butts in seats? I can only recall several games that had large attendance but still very visible empty space of seats. I do remember UNT showing up strong ad hell at the HoD Bowl, though. That was fun.
  9. I'll give you that about the regional. bowls. But I still 7 wins over 6. It means the team had a legit winning season.
  10. Instead of adding/creating more bowl games, they need to up the eligibility to 7 wins instead of 6. But that would be too logical of a solution for our institutions of higher learning to figure out and make happen.
  11. UTSA got screwed by BYU or ESPN. It appeared like Shreveport was the destination and was all but secured. Even hearing Independence Bowl reps had been to the last several UTSA home games. So either 1) ESPN felt UTSA v SDSU makes for better TV on a Tuesday night. I'm all for this match-up, but it sucks for UTSA to go from winning a title in front of 41k to a bowl game of 17k. Or 2) BYU was waiting for something bigger but still fell back to the Ind. Bowl and didn't want a UTSA rematch from last season (they may have a lot of say in that one). Also to someone's previous question, UTSA has proven to travel. When we went to the New Mexico Bowl they traveled very strong.
  12. Man, of all my years up in Denton, I always got to 2-3 games in at Apogee. Not once do I remember it getting near capacity - even during the back-to-back 9 win seasons. As a Roadrunner first it used to frustrate me sitting there being jealous of all the classic football tradition UNT has, and that UTSA is still growing, yet so many empty seats in Apogee. I do wonder if Apogee could sell out if UNT ever went on an 11-0 run.
  13. Looks like I might have to camp out in Frisco for several nights to watch UTSA and UNT. But focusing on UNT here, this game is a christmas gift win for them. If they dont win this, I don't know how long Littrell has left. It would suck to have to cut the HC only a week after early NSD.
  14. This is the CFP committee I'll believe Cincy in thr playoff when I see it. But they do deserve their spot.
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