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  1. Nothing wrong with coaching special teams. They interact with every player on the team. Would be a more CEO approach in regards to play calling. Didn't Mississippi State almost hire Joe Judge before the giants did? Its not unheard of. But to answer your question yeah basically 😁. It would be nice to think that our coach loves UNT like we all do.
  2. I understand he wouldn't move any needles in recruiting but to have an alumni coach would be awesome. Might be able to bring along Cam Turner as OC who has a ton of west coast/spread offensive experience. https://www.azcardinals.com/team/coaches-roster/jeff-rodgers https://www.azcardinals.com/team/coaches-roster/cameron-turner
  3. What channel or streaming service is the game gonna be on.
  4. This is not what I expected from a thread called "day trippers".
  5. Why even say something like this, they obviously bleed green like we all do.
  6. How you feel about N.O. is how I've always felt about Houston. N.O is closest to me so I'm biased.
  7. Anybody who is actually mad/disappointed at them for going and taking a swim before the game is ridiculous.
  8. Went outside to smoke because of fruatration, come inside to a UNT Win now that calm the nerves.
  9. Looks terrible on tv, really kinda sucks.
  10. I think that's in the bag, definitely at least gets invite to combine. If he weighs right and runs well he's getting drafted.
  11. Actually no, I get criticized for not having a snapchat or Instagram all the time. I just leave that stuff to others, I value my privacy. I do care about how I look though.
  12. Did you not care what you looked like? Had you already lost all hope at such a young age?
  13. Everybody cares how they look, regardless of if they start or not.
  14. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/10/8/16443530/bowl-projections-2017-college-football-playoff-predictions-after-week-6
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