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  1. So, honestly, after the first 10 min of the game, this could have been a LOT worse right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the one to make excuses though, this kind of performance is absolutely unacceptable. That being said, this team isn't bad..... But they really need to pick it up.
  2. Currently in the stands, right now the most entertaining thing going on is this hot-head UNT fan wanting to start a fight with every SMU supporter within a 50ft radius.
  3. This is incredibly bad. Being here in person isn't really much fun right now. If they can possibly get it within two scores before halftime they can keep themselves in it. Still three whole quarters to go.
  4. Went to the game and brought along my girlfriend (UNT alumni) and two friends of mine who are both UTA alumni. So happy I was able to introduce them to their first loss to us in the last five attempts.
  5. The offense is looking good right now. I'm just worried about Rico.
  6. Honestly, if the score can stay within 10 by halftime, which is entirely possible, then they can give themselves a perfectly good chance of hanging in this game. There is simply too much football to go before we start the end of the world posts.
  7. Guys, did you know that they're playing on the same field that DREW BREES plays on?!
  8. So proud of this team. Nice to get that win after what happened to us in the bowl game last year. Here's to hoping we don't have to play that team for awhile though. GMG!
  9. I was trying to take it easy going into this game since it's non conference but good lord I'm nervous as hell now.
  10. The offense has been outstanding so far even considering the mistakes. The wishbone is just so frustrating to defend and watch. This had been a great game so far.
  11. Can't wait for them to bust out the all white away combo. Hell, wouldn't even mind that as a one-time home game choice.
  12. I unfortunately won't be able to be at the game this weekend, but I have no problem with openly calling out (NOT cursing out) fans who use the hurricane as an insult towards Lamar. Not a laughing matter right now and these people deserve nothing but respect for making it out to Denton for the game, assuming it happens. GMG
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