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  1. Has nobody considered how difficult it is to make travel plans to NO in two weeks? Or how many of us will be traveling again the following week for the holidays? It's a fun city, no doubt. But it just doesn't work for a number of reasons. I just don't know if I can justify taking off work and spending $1k to go to NO just a week before holiday travel. It's impractical.

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Censored by Laurie said:

    god, this is so tired.

    all of you who want everything right now and think you're part of something revolutionary because of it...it's so insular and myopic. 

    change takes time and building something sustainable even more time. college football is littered with programs that win 9-10 games one year and are right back in the dregs a year or two later. look at UCF...Bortles years they're a BCS-buster...a few years later they're winless...now they're undefeated again, their coach is gonna bounce and they'll be back to the dregs. 


    I hate to side with Ben, but to be fair, UCF was not playing Sunbelt teams in their BCS buster days. Not sure that it's even comparable. I'd gladly take a UCF type trajectory, but that does not involve playing Troy.

  3. Just now, Prettylittleeagle said:

    And unless you go on this forum or to John's establishments you have no way of knowing about this. It's not really ones fault if they don't do either of these things. Lets not tell me that I "still dont understand this situation" I'm well aware of this situation. Wrens email just echoed that as well. 

    Do you use facebook? That's how I found out about it. John did a great job of getting the word out. And you very clearly do not understand the situation as evidenced by your continued assertion that this is some error by the AD and not a conference-imposed rule that we have cleverly skirted for 3 years.

  4. 20 hours ago, Prettylittleeagle said:

    they aren't for recent grads, they were purchased by a guy, and then the tickets were poorly distributed. Don't bring this subject up, people on this board get sensitive over this subject. Something needs to be done about it, I'd rather having opposing fans then there a bunch of empty seats. 

    And you still don't understand this situation, even after all the hubub last time. I took advantage of this deal in its first year when I had just graduated. It was the 2013 season that we kicked a ton of ass, and I got season tickets for a steal. I brought many people with me that are now UNT fans as a result. It's a great way to get around the CUSA rule.

    It's your own fault if you didn't take advantage of this good deal, not John's or Wren's.

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  5. 49 minutes ago, UNTcrazy727 said:

    Like all the great gear you see on the sideline, I'm guessing it's team issue only. Total BS, but that's the way the AD seems to want it. 

    I am buddies with an AD at a smaller basketball school. It is very common to have team-exclusive gear, and he cited security and uniformity as primary concerns. I was given a shooting shirt that the players wear on the court, but was asked to never wear it at a game or official event.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    That is total BS and a play by the Big 12 to help OU stay in the top 4 for the playoff. They didn’t do squat when Mayfield was throwing balls at TCU players while warming up. Selective toughness. What a crock.

    Who gives a shit about a lewd gesture or just being a dick (which Mayfield is) when we're talking about an actual fight? He (Orr) threw punches. He and everyone else involved deserved to be suspended.

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