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  1. 3 hours ago, North Texas Shep said:

    Going to Arkansas right now for a masters degree. Will be at the game sitting with some people I know from school. However I will be sporting my unt hat. Most their fans have no clue who we are. Coach Morrison knows and has beat us with a lesser talented smoo team. Unt has a chance and I hope they win. 

    I just got my master's from Arky in May and I work for the University now. Glad to know there are other MG transplants up here.

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  2. 41 minutes ago, meangreanmick said:

    There are plenty of reliable studies that establish the long term monetary value of a higher education degree vs high school diploma.  Obviously it is a wide range, but you can choose to be as  conservative or liberal as you want to be with estimates, but they all end up in the same spot.  Your ceiling for earnings on average is much higher with a college degree than with a high school degree.

    I'm not arguing the value of a degree, but that it's not nearly as tangible as the money made from licensing, advertisement, big events etc. and that's really the crux of the whole thing. If we would like to make the conversation about the relative worth of a degree today versus however many years ago, that's a different conversation. I'm certainly not suggesting that an education has little or no value, just that its value versus the money making machine that is collegiate sports is kind of tricky to estimate. 


    edit for a more coherent point: A degree gets you an opportunity. That is its worth. My degrees gave me the opportunity to get jobs doing things I enjoy. It's certainly not the same thing as somebody just handing me a ton of money, and that's where this whole thing gets sticky in my opinion.

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  3. 1 hour ago, FirefightnRick said:

    And taxpayers and donors gave student athletes probably $1 Billion in education,.....something that used to be deemed of value in this country at one time.



    If only "education" wasn't a nebulous and uncertain object and was a tangible asset. This comparison makes absolutely no sense and I have two degrees. The value of my education isn't a dollar amount. The value of profit that student athletes brought to the NCAA is.

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  4. 22 hours ago, Christopher Walker said:

    I secured my visiting section ticket yesterday and my AirBnB this morning. I'm officially way too excited for this weekend jaunt to potentially upend the Hogs.

    It's been four or five years since I was up in that part of the State, and then it was to officiate my best friends' wedding.

    Any particular bar or spots folks have their eye on to turn into Mean Green central? I'm thinking of JBGB's, Dickson Street in general, and then visiting Crystal Bridges art museum that Sunday on my way out.

    I'm a Denton Expat living in Fayetteville. JBGB's is a nice, open, outdoor friendly spot, but it's a good 20+ minute drive to general stadium location on gamedays. And that's probably generous. On Dickson there are several Hog friendly bars and some that are pretty indifferent to the whole "game day" atmosphere. I guess it depends on what kind of crowd you're looking for. I'm a fan of Smoke & Barrel and Brewski's Draft Emporium, but those are both more divey (think pre-remodel Andy's or equivalent). Let me know if you have any questions about particular establishments or what recommendations for food, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing my undergrad alma mater beat my other school.

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  5. 2 hours ago, MattMakesLoans said:

    I'm glad they are offering student packages.  This is a good deal for what it is, I just wish they were offering students and alumni a 2 day option.

    I don't know anyone who ever wants to leave New Orleans at 5 p.m. and miss out on a Saturday night on Bourbon street, so you can make it make to Denton at 2 a.m.

    As a guy just about to leave his twenties, this is the first thing that came to mind. Half the pull of a NO bowl trip is the ability to go out and drink with other MG fans in one of the best cities for that kind of thing in the entire world.

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  6. 3 hours ago, SMU2006 said:

    A little inside info from a friend of mine that works in the athletic department.

    -Four candidates that are on the board as of now are Jeff Traylor (interim HC), Seth Littrell, Blake Anderson, and Sonny Dykes.  All have expressed interest in the position and have/will be interviewed.  A decision is expected Monday at the latest.

    - Kevin Sumlin was in Dallas yesterday and met with SMU but has decided he's going to take a year off and see where the landscape is next offseason.  SMU was willing to increase the HC salary to 2.75M for Sumlin and increase the assistant pool by 1M across the board but Sumlin feels he can easily land a P5 job next year and will be in prime position to take over once the carousel begins again.

    - SMU had a phone interview with Texas DC Todd Orlando but apparently Rick Hart the AD felt he did not have a strong recruiting pedigree.  Also SMU felt it was a leverage play by Orlando to get more cash out of Texas.  Orlando even advocated for keeping Traylor as his OC but he's since been ruled out.

    - Jeff Traylor has the full support of the players on the team which isn't lost on Hart or the SMU inner circle of boosters.  He's a Texas high school coaching legend (like Chad Morris) and was a big time recruiter for Charlie Strong at Texas.  He's made it clear he wants the job and would take less money to assemble a veteran coaching staff.  Traylor would likely be in the 1.3 to 1.5M range with estimated assistant increases of nearly 2M.  If I had to handicap it right now he's probably the leader in the clubhouse.  

    - Seth Littrell has expressed interest in the job and would bring Harrell with him.  He's doing a great job at UNT and has a similar background to Morris.  The negative I've been told from SMU's perspective is that he and his staff have not recruited well even by CUSA standards.  Under Morris, SMU signed classes in which nearly every recruit had at least one P5 offer and landed former 4 star guys like Trey Quinn who led the nation in receptions this past year.  Formal interview likely tomorrow.

    - Blake Anderson has the endorsement of Chad Morris.  Morris was very transparent through the whole Arkansas process and when Hart asked about a recommendation Morris apparently "without hesitation" went with Blake Anderson.  He's been a pretty consistent winner and has former P5 experience.  He runs a similar offensive system to the Power Spread that Morris implemented and would be what I was told is a "safe" pick.  Again, issue is recruiting and ability to go head to head in the AAC against much better competition than what he's used to in the Sun Belt.

    - Sonny Dykes had a phone interview earlier today and from I was told it was actually quite impressive.  He's won at a place with far less financial support (La Tech) but had a really tumultuous tenure at Cal.  He's got a weird role this year at TCU that is essentially just a quality control/offensive analyst so he's certainly ready to roll if he got the nod, but I'm told that is highly unlikely. That CAL program was completely wheels off in his last year.  I'm told he is a "distant fourth" and more of a backup candidate at this point.

    -IPF breaks ground in February on the site of the Barr Pool (if you've been on campus its the swimming pool on the north side of Ford Stadium behind the dorms.  Projects at SMU do not break ground until they are 80% funded thus the delay which infuriated Morris.  He wanted to break ground in August of 2016 but SMU had just recently completed a 35M tennis facility and was in the process of raising an additional 25M for the new swimming facility across Central Expressway which opened this year.  Morris and SMU President R. Gerald Turner have butted heads a lot over this and it certainly led to some testy moments last year when Morris had a flirtation with Baylor.  The IPF is estimated to be in the 40-45M range with lead donor secured and shovels ready and will be the traditional red Georgian brick exterior to match the SMU campus aesthetic.  Morris had initially wanted a "bubble" facility similar to what the University of Texas has but Turner and the SMU BoT wouldn't go for it.  

    A lot of stuff there but figured the folks here would want to know.  If I had to make a guess I'd say:

    Traylor - 50%
    Littrell - 35%
    Anderson - 10%
    Dykes - 5%

    Best of luck in your bowl game and see you next year in Denton!



    You completely pulled this out of your ass

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  7. 13 hours ago, TroyFootball05 said:

    Check these out (national stats):

    Troy Sacks: 12th / 3 per game / 36 sacks
    UNT Sacks Allowed: 101st / 2.5 per game / 33 sacks allowed

    Looks like Fine won't be so fine against Troy.

    Troy Tackles For Loss: 5th / 8.42 per game / 101 Tackles For Loss
    UNT Tackles For Loss Allowed: 115th / 6.54 per game / 85 Tackles For Loss Allowed

    Defensively we will likely win the line of scrimmage.

    Troy Kick Returns: 2nd
    UNT Kick Return Defense: 107th

    Marcus Jones has three returns for a TD in the last few games. This is a another huge mismatch to give Troy great field position.

    Troy Rushing Defense: 7th / 3.03 ypr
    UNT Rush Offense: 47th / 4.65 ypr

    This might be the best rushing attack we've seen this year. But without your top running back, I'll give the edge to Troy.

    Troy Red Zone Defense: 1st / 58%
    UNT Red Zone Offense: 25th / 89%

    I do think you'll get some point here, but we'll win a lot those battles as well.

    Note: Arkansas State's Hansen has able to put up big yards not just because he was a great passer, but because our Achilles' heel is a running QB. Without his ability to run, he wouldn't have been as effective through the air. The Troy defense is best against a true pocket passer. With your top running back out, and our 7th ranked rush defense, Fine will have to try and win this game on his own. That's a tall task even for a 1st Team QB going against this Troy pass rush. We can talk about your defensive statistics later ;)

    Overall I think your QB is great, but this the best front seven you've seen all year. The run game likely won't happen for you, and Fine will have to make something happen. It doesn't look like your offensive line is good at blocking, and that's bad news vs this Troy defense.

    One more note: Our DC is Vic Koenning. He was Clemson's DC from 2005 to 2008 and had four Top 15 defenses there. He is a seasoned big time P5 defensive  coordinator. He's been successful everywhere. We currently have the 11th ranked scoring defense in the country, right where it was when he was at Clemson. Our head coach was the OC at Troy during our title run when you guys where there, and then had three Top 25 offenses at Texas Tech. Our defense plays against what you guys run everyday so they'll be no real secrets. Mason Fine will have to carry his team and be a true X-Factor. Here's more info on Vic Koenning and Neal Brown as coordinators:


    I've heard you guys say that you've played better competition. The experts say otherwise. All of the major outlets say there is virtually no difference between our schedules.


    Y'all won't even be the second best front 7 we've faced this year.

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  8. 1 minute ago, TreeFiddy said:

    Troy's red zone D is really good.  Arky State outgained Troy 600 to 300 and still lost.  Arky state had 3 turnovers, gave up special teams TD, and gave up a red zone INT returned for a TD.  Seeing a pattern here.  Troy will let you march it up and down the field until there is no field to stretch and then yards get tough to come by. 

    Trevor Moore will likely have several opportunities to kick.  He will need to convert on his opportunities. Arky State missed 2 of 4 attempts.


    all of the kicking in that game was atrocious. Troy's kicker looks like a bad high school kicker. I honestly think that my washed-up ass could go out there and do better (supposing I could get a few beers in me first).

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