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  1. 11 minutes ago, MrAlien said:

    As somone that has played hockey my whole life I can say that the DFW area has actually become one of the better regions for hockey development.  We have quite a few quality rinks, lots of national and international tournaments are held here, and some very good youth development clubs.  A lot of kids have been drafted into the CHL (major jr hockey) which is the pathway most take to the NHL.    

    I think the school could make it work, sure they would need a rink, however the demand for ice is still high in dfw so they could probably make money with it, in addition to adding other wither sports programs (figure skating and curling)


    Definitely agree that we have the talent pool. I grew up playing AAA hockey and the explosion of top talent in the DFW area happened after I had already hung up the skates. No doubt we could get some solid players to stay home, but I'm more concerned that the school wouldn't get behind the expenditure involved with an on-campus rink. It's also worth noting that ASU only went NCAA after nearly a decade of domination at the ACHA level. Our ACHA club is mediocre at best and frequently loses badly to other regional teams like Arkansas.

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  2. 16 hours ago, Pony14 said:

    What you learned:

    - SMU is Dallas' team and you will never have a large presence here. 

    - Your defense is atrocious.

    - When we have coaching stability, we will win this game. 

    - Mason Fine is great, but still human.  

    Who's excited for next year without Mason Fine as your QB?!

    I guarantee you that people in Dallas don't give half a shit about SMU.

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  3. 16 hours ago, Pony14 said:

    Just remember UNT Fans, you lose your most important player after this year, and a bunch of other seniors. We lose very few. Might want to leave the women and children at home next year. 

    Imagine being this cocky about p5 retreads that don't give a shit about your school at all. Also SMU still sucks.

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  4. 18 hours ago, emmitt01 said:

    I grew up going to Fouts and watched us play there all of my college years (and beyond).   I became a die hard in that place.  

    Seeing where we are now, in terms of facilities and bright future, there should be ZERO current students who don’t fall in love with the Mean Green.  

    I saw my first UNT game as a high school student. My dad was visiting for the weekend and tickets were cheap, so we went to a ULM/UNT game at Fouts. I was absolutely clowning on UNT at that point because the whole thing seemed like a joke to a guy who played HS football in Texas. If I went back and time and told that 17 year old kid how much has changed and what it looks like now, I'm sure he wouldn't believe me. Stuff like this makes me very proud of my alma mater, as goofy as it seems.

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  5. 33 minutes ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    Hell of a story. Finding solace in a time of tragedy. Great young man


    Side note: Shout out Zack Womack and Charles Ashford, Dion is a massive human being and the results of the work are apparent. 


    Yeah I couldn't believe how he looked next to mortal humans like the rest of us. Dude is freakin yoked.

  6. 1 hour ago, UNTFan23 said:

    I heard the Ath. Dept. is really focused on selling the Houston game.

    I bought tickets for myself and 10 others the other day, and most of the premium seating (sideline views) was accounted for. I think we have a great chance of selling this one out if we don't lay a stinker in our first 4.

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