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  1. Try it on a smartphone? I couldn’t see my parking until I used my phone, then I could see it.
  2. It was “what was your reaction to the missed face mask call on mason?”
  3. I just wanted to be a smartass. I think we should have scored 70 today. This team has potential but for some reason I think the coaching staff is holding us back.
  4. Apparently not, we scored 58 against Incarnate Word. I believe that is higher than 41.
  5. It’s $10 per person for non-members, but he said he was a member, so that means it’s free to him plus a guest.
  6. It’s usually one of the following bbq(brisket, sausage and chicken), burgers & hot dogs, baked potatoes with bbq brisket toppings. Beers are $3 and they have limited hard liquor now. It’s great for the price of free.
  7. Will we ever be wearing Jordan branded uniforms or ever have the chance to buy Jordan gear? There is a video of coach with a Jordan branded shirt on the website.
  8. Welcome to the forums Joeseph Whitaker :)

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