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  1. UTSA also lost to OU 85 to 67. We lost to OU by 2.
  2. Great win!!! Can’t wait for Monday night. Beat Rice.
  3. Hammered a bad team. A win is a win. Go get La Tech! GMG.
  4. My feed was great! HD all the way.
  5. Should be 2-0 after this road trip. I’ll take 1-1 though. They let the WKU game get away much like the home game against OU. Nice win on the road.
  6. Accomplished exactly what we should have against that competition. Nice win! Let’s go get C-USA.
  7. Hopefully they will come in focused and not sleepwalking. These games can be dangerous, we have seen it before. Hope they end the year on a strong note heading in to conference play.
  8. I sit in section 120 and have to remove people out of my seats regularly. Gets old after a while. If someone else is in my seats they usually don’t want to move and then we have a confrontation. I should not have to put up with this. I am a Police Officer and my first inclination is to remove them myself. However, I will give the Ushers or the UNT Police a chance to resolve the issue first. This happened regularly last year as well. People need to sit where their ticket directs them to or put out the money for season tickets. Pretty simple when you think about it. This happens a lot at Apogee as well. The other issue I have with seating at both venues are the parents who bring their kids to games and turn them loose to run wild as long as they don’t bother them.
  9. Did he fire them or did Wren Baker tell him to?
  10. I will be there for Mason and the other seniors. I’am so numb after this season I won’t be able to feel the last kick to the gut. This one might get REAL UGLY.
  11. You are spot on, but it won’t happen. Not here. We will be having the same conversations again this time next year. Hope i’am wrong but just don’t see it.
  12. Another great day to be a Mean Green fan. Another loss to a one win team. Next weeks loss will be even worse as we will say goodbye to Mason Fine. On a positive note, it’s almost over. On the flip side, next year could be worse.
  13. My daughter enjoyed reading all the responses. This has been a dream of hers for many years. Found this pic from around 2005 I think.
  14. Probably not the proper forum, but I have to post anyway. My daughter just got accepted to UNT! She will be a Freshman next fall. She is also trying out for the North Texas Dancers in June and will study Psychology. So proud to see her following in the old man’s footsteps. She has been a member of the Mean Green Nation since birth, now it’s official! GMG.
  15. Nice win for the Mean Green today. They did exactly what they should have done to a 1 and 6 UTEP team. Special teams got a little sloppy at times, but Fine was on fire! Go get another one. GMG.
  16. If you SEE the issues, then clean it up! Getting a bit late in the season to just now be seeing the issues. We’ve all seen it for a while now.
  17. Just realized my mistake. We don’t play ODU this year. That’s probably a good thing. With UAB in for the last game I think we are looking at 5 and 7. At least if it’s another loss it will be to a team with a winning record.
  18. I really do hope you are right. However, who would have thought we would blow a 28 pt halftime lead to ODU last year. This program has a history of losing to teams we should not lose to. It will just be another gut punch if a loss at home to ODU keeps the team from hitting 6. I’ll be there to see Mason’s last game. So sad the season has come to this. GMG.
  19. UNT -22.0. I’ll hang up an listen! Lol
  20. If UTEP and Rice have raised the white flag on their season’s, we might win those. La Tech will be ugly and i’am not confident about ODU at Apogee. Now that I think about it, i’am not real confident about UTEP and Rice. This isn’t fun. I had a feeling Saturday’s game wouldn’t end well for us all last week. Unfortunately I feel the same way about the rest of the schedule. Let’s hope for a strong finish.
  21. I think you may be spot on! Things aren’t looking good for next year. If changes aren’t made, this years dumpster fire might look good.
  22. In either case, the results we are getting should have us considering theft charges.
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