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  1. Yall brag about beating an undefeated team.... We brag about having a Conference Football Championship.
  2. Alright , semper fi.  but...” we’re not retreating, we’re just attacking in a different direction “ per Gen. Smith at the Chosin Resevoir.  My Mean Green Eagles will have that trophy next year thank you very much.  The little Roadbirds will never make it.   Hope to see you in Denton or SA next year for a cold one.    Go Mean Green !  
                                                                    (One grunt to another) 

  3. Sorry guys, I cant hear yall over our Conference USA championship trophy. Do yall have one of those? You know what, never mind, but funny that yall call us insecure, yet you have about 10 threads on your first page regarding UTSA... I going to go now, I have a 12 win season to enjoy... do yall have one of those too?
  4. Breaking News: there is now a search and rescue mission underway after the “Mean Green” failed to show up in Boca Raton, Florida, meanwhile, the FAU Speech and Debate Team just scored again on UNT.
  5. Breaking News: the FAU Quidditch Club Team just scored on the “Mean Green” defense...
  6. I think the FAU marching band just scored another TD on the mean green Defense...
  7. Couldn’t hear you over FAU scoring another touchdown
  8. Just checking to see if the “Mean Green” made it to Florida yet...
  9. A .25 success rate.. yeah.. that's something to be proud of.
  10. Man, beating unt isn't even fun anymore...
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