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  1. You don't have kids, do you? Exactly. 1) I have an eight year-old daughter that despite enjoying the game and having a good time, was wearing down FAST in the third quarter. This was her first football game and she was having a great time. But there was only so much that drinking more water could do before she was ready to fade. So, at the end of the third quarter my wife and I made the call that we were done. By the way, special thanks to the older guys in the top rows of the upper deck that saw my daughter and I and asked us to come up into the shade with them. You guys are class!! Had it not been for you guys, we would have left even earlier. Also, props to a student that handed my daugther a pom-pom and let her keep it. You sir, made her day! 2) I have a two year-old son. He also enjoyed the game and was having fun. But he's two! The heat was taking a toll on him even worse than my daughter, and anything short of letting him run onto the field and play with the guys (Which he asked to do early in the game and we had a good laugh about it) wasn't going to cut it at halftime. So, my gracious wife (knowing my daughter and I were very-much engaged in the game) took him back to the car and they "drove" in the air conditioning while my daughter and I watched the game get out-of-hand. Maturity, my young friend, is why I left in the third quarter. Immaturity would have been saying "aw, suck it up little girl. I know it's 107 degrees out here but you need to toughen up and support this team." Sorry, my children's lives are not more important to me than a football game. Sure, it sucked missing Evans' TD on his first touch but I'll gladly sacrifice that to keep my kids safe. "Mature as a fan base" . . . come on man, that's a joke and you know it. I wish we had a better showing too, but at least the ones leaving early showed up!
  2. malonish, you've been a very welcome visitor around here, sir. I appreciate that you've been polite and respectful. You're welcome any time and I invite you to stick around and keep participating with us.
  3. Anyone else giggling while reading through that? I understand feeling bad after pretty much not scoring for eight straight quarters but they also GROSSLY underestimated our defense. The fact that many of those guys posted expectations of scoring on our D as well as Texas did illustrates how little they really knew about our defense. And then when it's said and done, they chalk it up to how bad they are. That's fine. Discredit us, but we'll be laughing at you when we play another bowl game and you're watching it on tv.
  4. Beyond the Green: 28 Pony Excess: 10 First-hand witnesses: 29,201 Deceased prostitutes: 5
  5. Looks like the forecast is still pretty much the same, but there's a chance of showers around 2 PM or so. Dude, I can dig that. Nice breeze and a few clouds. That early kickoff just might work in our favor!
  6. My wife, kids and I were at the ticket office this morning getting ours. There were a couple of people that came in behind us, but the big thing I noticed was that the phones never stopped ringing. 11 AM can't get here soon enough!
  7. UNT does this for students. They did it at orientation when I transferred in 2013.
  8. Over nine days . . . that's an average attendance of 15,000 per day. Apogee should be able to beat that. I think if we continue to win and start by pounding SMU, that won't be a problem.
  9. Funny you should mention that. I received this poster in my student e-mail this afternoon.
  10. All up in the student section with the Mrs. Franchise, and the two Junior Franchises!!!
  11. FYI, I was told by one of the ticket officials that students and their "guests" will not be turned away on gameday. What does this mean? We could end up with more students at the game than they actually have student-allocated seats. Man, wouldn't that be awesome!?
  12. "Jim Jim" fared as well as expected against that rough Texas D-Line. He carried the rock nine times and had the second-most rushing yards on the team with 30. He hit his stride on the first drive of the fourth quarter for the Mean Green though with a three carry sequence of eight, four and six yards. The eight yarder was his longest of the evening. I expect a healthy does of "The Jimmy Show" Saturday. Jimmy likes to run.
  13. I really want to see this happen. There are only two possible outcomes, and I think no matter which one it would be highly entertaining.
  14. I liked this gem: Re: SMU UNT Prediction Thread by Smu97186 » Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:46 pm I don't think the Baylor game should be used to judge our team, so based on that i see a decent win, maybe 28-14 So we're going to dismiss the Baylor game for SMU but use how UNT played against Texas as evidence for SMU victory. Ah, I shouldn't get too worked up. As I've said before. They call themselves the freakin' ponies. That's like us referring to our team as "The birdies."
  15. Enjoy the season, my friend (except November 29) and thank you for your service!
  16. No they won't . . . because most of the whole country can't *legally* watch or stream. Just sayin' . . . I mean, freakin' Time Warner provides the LHN in its channel lineup but won't let you stream it. But other than that, I agree with you completely. We have to show up tonight!!! And I'm ready for 7 PM now!!!!!
  17. Mean Green football is nigh upon us, my friends! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!!!!!
  18. God bless you sir for your service!!! Thank you. And God bless Texas!!
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