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  1. Alright, not trying to be a jerk here, but fill me in on something. Our defense played a great game against SMU last season (and we all agree that last season's was not one of our best defensive units) and therefore gave our offense an easier time moving down the field. But why is that a knock on our team as a whole this year? I'm not saying we're going to beat the Ponies soundly, by any means. I am confident about the game, though because as a whole unit, we really kicked them around last season. I mean honestly, whether the offense has to go 30 yards on a drive to get to the end zone or 98, the point is they made the drive and got into the end zone. You can't penalize the offense just because the defense gave them less field to work with. I mean after all, that's the JOB of the defense. But I think we will all agree on this . . . Go Mean Green and let's go curb stomp some Ponies on September 12!!!!
  2. @JesseMartin, I love your take on this, sir. Honestly, it reminds me of a colleague I worked with in the past. Back in the early 80's, he was a D-1 NCAA pitcher for, well, I'll just call it a VERY well-known baseball program. Sometime around, I believe it was his junior year, the Christmas break hit and everyone was leaving campus to be with family. His coaches asked him his plans and he said something to the effect of, "Well, I'm a little short on money so I'm just going to hang out with some friends here around campus, maybe catch a movie or something and talk on the phone with family." Saddened and sympathetic about this, the coach handed him fifty bucks and said, "Go drive home and spend the holiday with your family. Any extra from this, use it to get some food on the way." Somehow the NCAA found out about this the next summer and the dude lost his entire senior year of eligibility. I understand the need to keep these athletes as "amateurs," and I support that. But the fact that a kid can't be given a few bucks for gas and snacks to go see family is beyond ridiculous. It's even further stupid that a full year of eligibility would have been lost on account of it. For this reason, I support the "reasonable" stipends for cost of attendance.
  3. This is one of those times I wish I could click the little up arrow on Harry's posts. @Harry, consider yourself +1'd.
  4. Boise, Texas Tech, Kansas, Colorado, Colorado St., North Carolina, Syracuse (there are a lot of transplanted New Yorkers here, would draw a good crowd), Buffalo (see also Syracuse), Pittsburgh, Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Arizona St., UCLA, Cal, Utah, I could keep going. Also pretty much any team that the others before me have listed. If the average student walking the UNT campus has heard of them, I want them to come here and play.
  5. No. I've seen some that are 60 x 53 (One full end zone, hence the extra 10 yards) and TCU's is 100 x 53, but it's an 80 yard field with two full end zones.
  6. ​Yeah, Pittsburgh signed him RIGHT after they got eliminated from the playoffs. I specifically remember that.
  7. ​Just to play the devil's advocate here -- You say "That falls on the coach to teach/coach/train him how to work hard and be a leader." Ok, I'll give you that. But at what point do you give up trying if he refuses to take on that role? Bear in mind, I'm not close to the team, just a casual acquaintance to one of the athletes and this is not coming from him. I'm honestly asking, because there seems to be a major dichotomy forming here -- either he was unfairly booted or he had this serious character/work ethic flaw and it's all on him. Perhaps the truth is a little more in between both extremes and all parties are to blame. Personally, I'd like to hear more of the story before I start pointing blame anywhere.
  8. ​Different strokes for different folks, I guess because I took care of my Associate's Degree and almost all of my basic courses at TCC and it prepared me just fine. Granted, I'm also about 14 years older than a majority of my fellow "Class of 2015-ers," but still. TCC did just what was needed in order to ease me back into a collegiate setting and prepare for University course loads. And with a wife and two kids, I'm not really in a position to amass a large heap of debt.
  9. The "look" is going to take me some getting used to. The Ticket Ticker and "Stick it up your tailpipe" audio bed analogy works perfectly. But, I REALLY like the functionality of this. It's pretty cool.
  10. Is this an open invitation to any board member?
  11. So, this student wants inclusiveness and diversity . . . if the host/speaker believes/thinks exactly the way he does . . . Am I following this correctly?
  12. Ah, I see . . . you're looking for a candidate with more um . . . *cough* "qualifications." With a bigger set of . . . mmm, hmmm . . . *cough again* "values." With more . . . "charisma."
  13. Word on the street is, they're paying all but about $15 million, leaving the Rangers to pay just $5 million/season for the remainder of the deal, plus Texas gives up nothing. This is nothing more than LAA just trying to cut their losses and wash their hands of him. Pretty low risk right now for the Rangers. I hope it works out. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  14. Few more before I hit the sack! RB Jeffrey Wilson trying to get around the edge: Dajon!! WR Carlos Harris QB Josh Cousins: RB A. J. Ezzard looking for the gap:
  15. WR O'Keeron Rutherford: QB Josh Greer and the O-Line: TE Chris Loving: DE Jarrian Roberts going for the "Scrimmage Sack" on Greer: DB Vershad Jackson making a great play on a pass, DB Kishawn McClain looking on in approval:
  16. Like I said in the other thread, I'm more of a video/film guy but wanted to try my hand at taking some stills with my new toy. It took a while to post them because I cleaned them up a bit, but let me know what you guys think! I also give permission for anyone to use them if you want under Creative Commons Licensing. -- Stephen QB Connor Means: K Trevor Moore: Coach Mac and TE Chris Loving: QB Josh Greer tossing to TE Chris Loving in the flat: More to come in a little bit!
  17. I grabbed a few photos with my new camera Saturday from the game. I'll gladly post a few if some of you are interested. I'm more of a video guy, but lighting, shading and focal points all work the same, so this is my first shot at action stills. I'd love to share what I've done with you guys.
  18. Completely agree. And not only that, but if you're going to have a young guy like DeShields on the roster, you've got to give him at bats. Sometimes that's at the expense of the hot bat in the lineup. I'd rather have that hot bat STILL in the lineup in September than having him out for the season by June. I don't know if anyone aside from forevereagle has noticed or not, but that's been kind of the pattern with most of our good players lately.
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