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  1. No, no no. You guys have it all wrong. BigVandalFan, go tell the Idaho coaching staff this is the worst D-line in Mean Green history. You should just go ahead and rest your first team and put the practice squad out there because they'll run and pass all over this D-line.

    Yeah, that's the ticket . . .


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  2. The fabric is a bit distressed.

    That may be the case, but that doesn't show well on a white shirt. It really pretty much needs to be some kind of pastel color for it to be pulled off the right way.

    Powder blue? That would look good.

    Light (not pink) red? Also looks awesome -- have a Coca-Cola shirt that pulls it off nicely.

    "Lucky Charms" green? Absolutely awesome. (I'm sporting that look at this moment)

    White? Yeah, you really can't see it.

    -- Stephen

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  3. I know quite a bit about TCU's past uniforms, actually. (In one of my introductory posts, I mentioned my past gig as a sportswriter -- it was to cover TCU and I was on-hand for their second and third Pro Combat unis (2010) being unveiled and was one of the first to report the original "Pro Combat" uniform story in 2009.)

    I've been a fan of the Pro Combat look up until recently. And while there have been some hits and misses, I think Nike's done a pretty good job overall with all of the schools they've made them for. (They even did one for Trinity High School back in 2011 -- I covered that, too).

    Having said all of that, I'm not as fond of this one.

    In my humble opinion, the 2009 look was the best and they haven't quite been able to replicate that look since then.

    -- Stephen

  4. I (try not to) don't bend my hats. I try to stay flat. It isn't douche, it's just don't want to look red neck or something worse.

    Just bending the bill a little bit isn't "red neck," it's normal. Now, if you do the ol' "bend it to look like an inverted 'V'," that's a different story.

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  5. I don't know how you do "trucker-style" without the high front. It's kind of part of the package.

    Mean Green 93-98, there's a design shown in this link that describes what I'm looking for. I've seen it described as "trucker" look on other pages just because of the mesh in the back. I've seen "trucker with high front" and "trucker with form-fitting front" on other sites that I've looked at. I could be wrong, though.

    But on that link if you look at the flash that plays, it's the second scroll to the right that shows a Texas hat on the left side with a caption that says "The Definition of TEAM SPIRIT."

    That's the look I'm talking about.

    I'm going to reach out to those guys!

    Thanks, FFR!

    -- The Franchise

  6. A couple of recent posts have gotten me thinking about a hat design I'd love to see, or maybe can be shown where to find it. It's a design I've been seeking for a while so if anyone's seen something like it, please let me know! So, I thought I'd open up a discussion about UNT hats you've seen/bought/would like to see as well.

    What I would like is, a "trucker-style" hat that's black on the front (or kelly green) and white mesh in the back. Now keep in mind, I don't want the "dad hat" type of design with the foam front that's all high and looks like my grandfather's cap that he wore the last time I was in East Texas to visit him. No, I want that normal form-fitting "average hat stuff" that you see all the time. I would also like to see the white stitching on the front of the cap and on the bill.

    As for the logo, I'd like to see either the current eagle, or the "Mean Green" script across the front. Another cool idea would be to kick it old school with the "Flying Worm." I think that'd be a pretty freakin' sweet hat that would sell well. Something like the shirt logo that's in my avatar would be cool, too.

    What do you guys think?

    -- The Franchise

  7. Just when I thought all the great Texan hospitality was 100%, enter Froggy. You remember your MWC "one and done" win in Boise? Decked in TCU purple that day in the stands, in Boise stores/eateries were Idaho fans. Our large Boise base cheered you guys on. My plan to tour Ft. Worth and your campus is questionable now after insulting the UI and my UNT friends. By the way, do some research on UI and UNT football history. Not only are these great academic institutions, they have their fair share playing (have played) on Sunday. Idaho fans are proud, as our UNT fans. Here's a brief primer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idaho_Vandals_football

    Admittedly, not quite the storied prestige of TCU, but we are unconditionally loyal through the good and bad. Just like you, I imagine, have been through Tohill, Shofner, Dry, Wacker and Sullivan . . .but you do sound like a small froogy, so you still may have been that wink in Horny's eyes? You do talk about those 26 years of mediocrity, right?

    I like this guy.

    -- The Franchise

  8. I just want a good, clean win. Dang it, this is the opener! I expect both teams to be charged up and I can guaran-dang-tee you that the Vandals and their staff are not taking this thing lightly and the Mean Green won't be, either.

    If we win by 20, I'll be happy. If we win by one, I'll be happy. As long as we come out 1-0 to start the season, all is good.

    If our boys play a solid all-around game and win, the score doesn't matter to me.

    Now, would I prefer to see the "Flying worm" on our helmets the rest of the season? Of course, but like others, I just don't see that happening.

    -- The Franchise

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