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  1. Nope, I live in south Denton County. Jumping on 35W is pretty much my only option.
  2. The old-fashioned radio cast for me since I'll be at work until 8. But, I don't normally have to work on Saturdays so I plan to make the remainder of the home games.
  3. Gimme #34, Willie Hubbard, the man that helped bring my Trinity Trojans their third state title!! Not sure where he is on the WR depth chart, but being a fellow Trojan makes me think highly of the dude already!
  4. And actually, I like this one even better and the same applies -- Flying Worm or SoW would look excellent.
  5. This is pretty similar to the style I am looking for. While I find the"UNT" a bit generic on there, I still like it.
  6. Just bending the bill a little bit isn't "red neck," it's normal. Now, if you do the ol' "bend it to look like an inverted 'V'," that's a different story.
  7. Mean Green 93-98, there's a design shown in this link that describes what I'm looking for. I've seen it described as "trucker" look on other pages just because of the mesh in the back. I've seen "trucker with high front" and "trucker with form-fitting front" on other sites that I've looked at. I could be wrong, though. But on that link if you look at the flash that plays, it's the second scroll to the right that shows a Texas hat on the left side with a caption that says "The Definition of TEAM SPIRIT." That's the look I'm talking about. I'm going to reach out to those guys! Thanks, FFR! -- The Franchise
  8. Sweet, I'll have to check that out next week.
  9. A couple of recent posts have gotten me thinking about a hat design I'd love to see, or maybe can be shown where to find it. It's a design I've been seeking for a while so if anyone's seen something like it, please let me know! So, I thought I'd open up a discussion about UNT hats you've seen/bought/would like to see as well. What I would like is, a "trucker-style" hat that's black on the front (or kelly green) and white mesh in the back. Now keep in mind, I don't want the "dad hat" type of design with the foam front that's all high and looks like my grandfather's cap that he wore the last time I was in East Texas to visit him. No, I want that normal form-fitting "average hat stuff" that you see all the time. I would also like to see the white stitching on the front of the cap and on the bill. As for the logo, I'd like to see either the current eagle, or the "Mean Green" script across the front. Another cool idea would be to kick it old school with the "Flying Worm." I think that'd be a pretty freakin' sweet hat that would sell well. Something like the shirt logo that's in my avatar would be cool, too. What do you guys think? -- The Franchise
  10. I just want a good, clean win. Dang it, this is the opener! I expect both teams to be charged up and I can guaran-dang-tee you that the Vandals and their staff are not taking this thing lightly and the Mean Green won't be, either. If we win by 20, I'll be happy. If we win by one, I'll be happy. As long as we come out 1-0 to start the season, all is good. If our boys play a solid all-around game and win, the score doesn't matter to me. Now, would I prefer to see the "Flying worm" on our helmets the rest of the season? Of course, but like others, I just don't see that happening. -- The Franchise
  11. Food for thought, though . . . Selling out of gear at Voertman's and the Univeristy Book Store is one thing. I'm sure that's the case every semester, especially in the fall. However, there's a big difference with that and what the other universities in Texas here have going for them: OUTSIDE marketing. I was in Target the other day and wandered into their "officially licensed apparel" area. What did I see? The usual suspects: Texas, Texas A&M, TCU (this wasn't the case just five years ago, had to look pretty hard to find Frog gear) Oklahoma and Texas Tech, even . . . SMU. That's when I did a double-take. SMU? Keep in mind this was a far-west Tarrant County Target. Was there any hint of anything UNT? Of course not. But this is the case with pretty much every collegiate apparel-seller across the Metroplex. Lids? Nah, you rarely find anything UNT there. HatWorld? See also: Lids. Gameday Connexion at the Grapevine Mills Mall? Nope. *sad side note about that is that their owner, whom I've spoken with and asked about it, is a UNT alum. I don't get it, man. -- The Franchise
  12. I'd love to see this game televised just because it looks like I'm going to have to work until 8 that evening, so that would put me at Apogee by 9 PM at the earliest. However, if it's televised I'll put it on the ol' DVR and fire that baby up when I get home! -- Franchise
  13. Of course the schools don't have to have anything in common to have a rivalry. Look at the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry. A ridiculously liberal school with a focus on elite academics vs. a highly conservative school with a focus on agriculture and mechanics. What do they have in common? They're in Texas. Sounds like a good rivalry to me. If anything, having less in common makes for a great rivalry. But maybe that's just me. -- Franchise
  14. Had this custom made for me by a guy over on a popular sports video game forum. Check it out! Just to re-iterate . . . THIS IS NOT MY WORK. -- The Franchise
  15. For a relatively inexpensive burger, RG Burgers & Grill isn't bad. The "Pancho Villa" is pretty awesome. -- Franchise
  16. This is EXACTLY the comparison I see with the situation. Here's a little story for you guys . . . Let's say a college football program has eight years of abysmal history. So, the coach is fired and the athletic department decides they're going to take the opposite route this go-around. The previous guy was way too much of a "hard-ass" that focused so much on offense that it killed their defense. So they went with a more relaxed coach this time, someone who gave the kids a little more freedom and lee-way but also put more of an emphasis on "positive reinforcement" and that is great at giving motivational speeches to the players. After four seasons, the team shows very little improvement. While there were some glimmers of greatness, overall it was exactly the same program and people once again started becoming fed up. The media interviews the coaching staff and all they can say is, "Well, we're trying our best. But that last guy left this program in such sad shape that we're having trouble fixing it." So in reality, the new coach is admitting that they hired a guy that can't fix the problem. In this scenario though, the press actually laps it up and starts running print about it, creating stories that this program would be in so much better shape had the previous guy not screwed it all up. Despite his inability to make any progress, the media worships him because he gives inspiring speeches. I guarantee every single fan with the slightest bit of common sense would ask why this guy hasn't lost his job yet. -- Franchise
  17. Was watching "Rain Man" the other night and thought of this thread! Hoffman was amazing in that! -- Franchise
  18. I think we ought to be all cocky and Buckeye about it and call ourselves "THE University of North Texas." I think that would be fun. -- Franchise
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