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  1. http://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/team/north-texas-mean-green/projections

    They have 95% confidence in bowl eligibility

    11% in us winning conference (40% to Marshall)

    23% in winning the division

    go to the team stats and you will see some telling numbers. Didn't realize how badly penalized we are thus far.

    That's a shame . . . IT flagged that site for some reason.

    Oh well.

    I like the 95% though. We still have to execute. *Which I think we will, but we're still only halfway there*

  2. George came out as against it this morning on the ticket because he said that TCU, SMU, and UNT are family environments where you never run into the drunk guy standing in front of you yelling obscenities and giving you the I paid for my ticket and am asserting my first amendment rights speech.

    George has clearly chosen to simply ignore the cases upon cases upon hundreds and hundreds of cases of beer that go down in the parking lot.

    I propose making the alumni side only have beer sales and creating a point of entry that requires a ticket in that section of the stadium to enter the concourse. Keep the wing zone as a family environment with no alcohol sales, and the students can do whatever it is that students do.

    I hate this idea just because I'm a student but have been legally able to drink almost as long as some of my fellow students have been alive.

  3. Maybe repetition is a welcomed force. Maybe if you have a lot of friends, you could get more of them to come and support their school whether we win or lose. Maybe if we are losing at the half, you could perhaps convince them to stay....cause we might still win?

    I'm not saying.... I'm just saying....

    I feel like you're on the attack here. Perhaps we've gotten off on the wrong foot.

    Look, I like you a lot. I'll just say I'm a big reason you've accumulated rep a lot more quickly than I have; because I've contributed mightily to yours. You do good work around here. You're a fellow optimist. I guess that's why I'm a little surprised you're taking aim at the students.

    The students have been sticking around (at least we did against Ball St., save a handful that just wanted to go back and "crush some beers" on the hill). We've just been moving over to the shade once we see the seats in the shade are empty. Unless our alumnus are the "show up after halftime" type, which I don't believe most of them are) the stands on the press box side were VERY bare.

    My point is -- a LOT of students showed up for the Ball St. game and a LOT of students stuck around through what was a rough 1/3 of the game to see a very rewarding final 2/3 of it. Our attendance problems are not all on the students.

    Now I'll say this -- an uprising in school spirit can certainly START with the students. A healthy student section can do a lot to get everyone fired up. But the students can only do so much. It's not like they allocate a majority of the stadium to us. We get 16 of the 48 sections, (1/3 for you math majors out there).

    But let's quit pointing fingers at everyone here and just start getting everyone we can to come out. How's that sound, m'kay?

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  4. Mostly because most students DO NOT KNOW/remember this.

    AND when most people visually see the word "free"- they think they would be missing out on the opportunity to take advantage. IT's a promotion.... but really all they're doing is making posters. AND it just might work.

    I can assure you -- "Free student tickets" signs have been all over campus all week before each and every home game this season.

    I know, I'm a student and I've seen them with my own eyes.

    And, (granted, I asked about this when I was applying for admission so maybe I'm unlike my fellow students) I knew before I even enrolled that students get free tickets to ALL UNT sporting events.

    And as a second side-note -- the students made a great showing at the Ball St. game. I still don't know why they keep getting the bad rap.

  5. Some suggestions I just thought of:

    1 -- You should give these myths like disproportionate numbers so that is sounds like there's a crapload of them. Like:

    2 -- Myth #102 -- We can't fill Apogee until we win football games.

    3 -- Myth #376 -- Any myriad of excuses that students would make could fit here: I don't have time to make it to a game/I have too many exams this week to make a game/I don't know where the stadium is/Nobody "cool" goes to the games/It won't make a big difference whether I go to the game or not. Come to think of it, those could be several different myths.

    4 -- Myth #196 -- I'd rather go see *insert name of some other Texas FBS school* play.

    5 -- Myth #84 -- The lives of five "ladies of the night" did not come to an end at the hands of a former SMU running back.

  6. Yeah, this really proves nothing. Baseball plays 10x the number of games. Football plays simply once a week. This is the same in every market.

    My big question is this -- what does he define as a "baseball town?" Because from where I observe things, Anaheim is even less supportive than Arlington. On top of that, does a city that loves its football team more than any other team in town make it any "less" of a "baseball town?"

    I would consider Boston a "Football town." I'd also consider it a "baseball town." Furthermore, I'd consider it a "Basketball town" and a "Hockey town." My point is, they go all-out for all of their teams. The four teams are independent of each other and one can love them all.

    Dallas-Fort Worth being a team that supports the Cowboys rabidly has no bearing on how much we support the Rangers.

    What I saw was a team that most saw as "done" this weekend drawing a crowd that was roughly 80% of the ballpark's capacity for the final three games of the season and #163. What I saw was a team that topped 3,000,000 fans for the second straight year (and nearly the third -- 2,946,949 in 2011) and ranked fifth in the league in home attendance.

    I'd say that's pretty dang good, and worthy at least of discussion as a "baseball town."

  7. So they'll gladly pocket the proceeds of these games but then cancel them "because of the cost?"

    I'm sorry but that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. There better be full-blown refunds of expenses to those that have spent money to attend these games.

    Let's figure this out. They will likely make about $20 per ticket in a stadium that holds 34,000 seats -- a potential of $680,000 in ticket sales? Let's tack on an additional $10 per potential attendee in concessions and another $5 per person for parking (since most fans travel in groups and not all "drive" to the game). That adds another $510,000 to give us a grand total of $1,190,000 in potential revenue, and that's likely on the conservative side of things because I know when I go to a sporting event it's EASY to spend $10 in concessions. Factor in operating costs (this is where my knowledge runs thin) of what? Maybe $500,000 to host a football game? So that's still a net profit of $690,000.

    Then of course, there are travel costs, hotel stays for all those attending the game that the program doesn't even "see" directly but people have already spent a lot of money on.

    Politics aside, this is just ridiculous. I would hope that those buying plane/bus tickets and hotel stays would be able to get a refund if this game is canceled.

  8. I see a pretty fiercely-battled game going into the locker room and then North Texas pulling away late. I also believe that the hooks, slants and flat routes will be open early on, forcing the Tulane secondary to creep up and then "Chance" or "Smitty" will be open deep late in the game for a crucial exclamation point.

    In the end, I see it as a "close blowout," meaning the score will look closer than it should have.

    Ferocious Green: 31

    Green hands wiggling back in forth in a motion that universally means "Hi": 21

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  9. Glad to see there are other fans of the show on the board. I didn't get into it until around season 3 or 4, although I caught reruns. I started buying the DVDs and Im watching season 5 right now, although I saw it as it was aired. I think it was a crap decision to end it, since asI hear it was one of the top rated shows on TV. They could have moved it to another costal city, since Miami apparently decided to start being d1<ks.

    But, that was the best series finale I've seen. I really hope that other writers took note on how to end a show.

    Exactly like me. I got into it a few seasons ago and loved it.

    I'd also agree that it was one of the better season finales I've seen.

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  10. I find it odd that ya'll would use the photo of Jimmerson right before he let the ball fumble away from him into Ball State's end zone...

    I was wondering the same thing. He had just one carry in that game, which means that photo was snapped nanoseconds before that puppy popped loose. Since he's never mentioned in the story, I did feel rather curious about that photo being used.

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