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  1. 4 minutes ago, meangreenlax said:

    Too much lateral movement by Scott. Which makes it a 50/50 call. And let’s just assume that every 50/50 call will go Virginia’s way. 

    Agree. In real time I totally thought it was a charge. But on the replay his left foot seemed like it was still sliding. 50/50 for sure. 

  2. 23 hours ago, ADLER said:

    An idea for you any of you guys that want to contribute a little to the gameday atmosphere...


    These green noodle things are available for only $1.25 each at the Dollar Tree stores(other dollar stores probably have them as well). They're a showy display of gameday mania, and the kids love them. Please go grab some for your group and get some extra ones to give away to the students.

    Thank you, and Go Mean Green!


    Get There Early!

    Wear Green!

    Be Very Loud!

    The people that made this happen are awesome!

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