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  1. And you have the audacity to call another fan's post the "stupidest post ever" ? You are way ahead in that category with these posts.
  2. Halloween Costume Contest, prize would be free tuition for a semester, must be present to win.
  3. *DEDICATED TO THE PLAYERS' APOLOGISTS. LINK TO ENTIRE ARTICLE NORTH TEXAS: The Mean Green were supposed to run through the Sun Belt. Instead, North Texas is just 8-16 overall and 3-10 in league play. It hasn't been pretty for rookie coach Tony Benford, who took over for Johnny Jones. • Injuries: Starting point guard Chris Jones is out for the season after playing just 13 games and fellow starter Alzee Williams has also missed time due to injury. However, these guys were struggling even with both of these guys in the lineup. • Tony Mitchell: He disappears too often and doesn't consistently play hard. One coach in the league said that the one-time projected lottery pick's skill set "hasn't improved much and his motor doesn't run." In one loss against FIU, Mitchell was held scoreless in 32 minutes and only took three shots. • Need more skill guys: Benford inherited an athletic group, but there is a lack of skill on the team. "These guys don't have much game,"one league coach said. "It's just random dudes that don't complement one another." • Change in leadership: Going from Jones to Benford has taken time. Jones gave the guys more freedom, and this group is still getting adjusted to Benford's approach.
  4. We seem to want to pounce, criticize, etc on a recruit who ends up not coming here. BUT if the recruit signs and becomes a member of the team and ends up shoplifting (a.k.a. Stealing theft, etc) then that is just swell by most here, including the coach who through out some BS about community service.
  5. WTF is going on you ask? Your heroes are lazy, and want to do it their way. Does it work that way with your boss?
  6. And nobody seems to think anything about the FACT that TMitch has not violated the rules not once, but twice this season. And last night was arguably the most important night for him as any this season. Yea, people who are about to hand out a few million dollars overlook those details. That's not Benford's fault. That goes back to last year's staff who DID NOT discipline him for it. Hope you all have the European TV basketball package because that is where Tony will end up if he lasts long enough in the NBA.
  7. Look I know you want to be sure not to lose your chance to tailgate with Emmitt, so you overlook the words "Sandy Hook". Emmitt could have a picked a hostage situation at say a fictional department store. His post is way off base and is insensitive.
  8. Brett, I have the papers. Meet me in a parking garage in Dallas and I will provide. I will bark like a dog so you know it's me.
  9. Was that horse the same one that just got beat by Boise St. by 17 points, and with as you say, a bigger wagon?
  10. I think you are and last I checked football was a team game. Same as basketball and us expecting so much because of one man, Tony Mitchell. Folks think automatically other players can just drink after him and rise to his level. And if CJ, JW, and TM had half the heart as Riley, we would be looking forward to conference play instead of dreading it. Riley was a gamer. . Yes, he was to small for Div !, but relatively speaking, probably had more talent on his level at Southlake than he did at UNT. The Dodge Family is gone, so get off their backs and get over it!
  11. Oh please.......there aren't that many diamonds in the rough.
  12. I don't care where he goes, just so he goes after this season!
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