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  1. 8 hours ago, Christopher Walker said:

    Carrie Mathison No GIF by CANAL+


    On 9/19/2020 at 11:18 AM, Christopher Walker said:

    Y’all, if there are other cord cutters on here, I cannot advocate for YouTube.tv enough.

    At $60/mo, it may be a little steep, but I only subscribe to it during football season. It has just about every sports channel there is with unlimited lifetime DVR. It’s rad.

    Looks like I spoke too soon. YouTube TV just put out an email saying Sinclair is pulling out from their coverage effective October 1. So that means all the Fox Sports regionals and Stadium won't be on it anymore. :ugh: Stupid move on Sinclair's part.

  2. From The Athletic's Stewart Mandel:


    So, does that mean all 41 scheduled bowls be played this season?

    “Absolutely,” Football Bowl Association Executive Director Nick Carparelli said Monday. “With all the conferences playing, (the NCAA waiver) is not necessarily to ensure enough teams are available, but just to ensure the conferences can fulfill their agreements without having to worry about which teams are .500 or better.”

    And let me tell you something: Having now gone through this exercise for the first time this year, there will be some well-below .500 teams participating. In fact, the SEC and ACC, depending on how many New Year’s Six berths they receive, could send nearly their entire leagues to bowl games. I have 13 SEC teams, and one of the matchups I projected would pit 4-7 Florida State against 2-8 Vanderbilt. I’m not kidding.

    Come On Reaction GIF by NBA

    All strictly G5-assigned bowls will be maintained, but I would expect absolutely minimum latitude for there to be P5-G5 pairings of any kind this bowl season. 

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  3. I'm absolutely loathe to admit SMU doing anything well, but Chris Vannini's recent Athletic article on the Bronco's COVID protocols has caught my attention, particularly this bit:


    “We love our students, but is it worth having the equipment students and other managers around?” Crespino says. “You need your most essential personnel, and outside of that, you have to determine if the risk is worth it.”

    That lack of bodies is even more evident when practice begins. SMU’s fall roster includes only about 75-80 players. Most walk-ons were told to wait until spring. Only players who have a chance to play are permitted to practice this fall.

    With the smaller active roster, there essentially is no scout team. It’s good-on-good in drills. Players go against the same few players on the other side in drills, to make potential contact tracing easier. In some special-teams drills, coaches like defensive coordinator Kevin Kane and safeties coach Trey Haverty join players in running down the field on the kickoff scout team.

    “Our roster was going to have 135 players on it. We brought 80 to camp.” Dykes says. “We just limited our interactions. … Everybody has to work extra hard. Everybody has to pick up the workload and do things that they’re not accustomed to doing. But at the end of the day, it’s going to keep our players safe and to allow us to play football.”

    To go about their season with that few personnel is surprising.

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  4. 3 hours ago, ntexeagle said:

    “Let’s put a “D” on their helmets and Dallas on their jerseys and maybe no one will know we’re SMU and come to our game!”, said their AD. 

    Part of it is working, they dont know who they are. 

    I mean hell, they’re really blurring the lines by proxy of The Stars:

    They’re trying really hard, ya’ll.

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  5. 12 hours ago, PlummMeanGreen said:

    CW,  Texas public universities used to have the final enrollment numbers after 10(?) days in class so does UNT have those numbers yet? Just curious. 


    Referred to as our Census date, which was this past Saturday.

    We’ll soon have validated numbers not only for enrollment headcount, but more importantly total registered credit hours, the latter of which is crucial in solidifying budget outlooks.

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  6. 1 hour ago, meangreen11 said:

    This is fantastic news!  I figured enrollment would go down.

    Form Provost Cowley last month:

    Enrollment for fall is up Fall: 4.0% Headcount, +3.2% Student Credit Hours (note this is a timing issue and will likely decline later this week). New graduate enrollment in SCH is up 34.4%, FTIC is -8.6%, Transfer is -18.9%. And on a positive note continuing students is up 7.9% - indicating strong retention.

    FTIC is First Time In College.

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