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  1. It’s going to be frustrating watching guys commit to other schools, but there could be some good options left without a home after a lot of the dust settles. Get guys you think can help and will be here for spring, but make sure you’re in position to benefit when solid guys who maybe wouldn’t have previously considered you are forced to listen. Teams still only allowed 25 spots per class.

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  2. 32 minutes ago, MeanGreenZen said:

    We need P5 transfers, but how many of them have ever become impact players for us? 

    Marcus Trice for sure. 
    Pegram kinda. 
    Hedlund? (But he’s a kicker)

    That linebacker from Oregon was ok.

    Does Aune count? I don’t think he was ever on a Fall roster for Arkansas or TCU. 

    Seth’s inability to land these blue chip DFW bouncebacks has been pretty frustrating. 

    Where were we on Ja’quinden Jackson? He signs with Utah to sit behind Charlie Brewer?

    The UNT defense has the same problem as the Texas Rangers. They get decent players, they just can’t develop them. 

    He is definitely embracing it more than he did early on. We had essentially 3 P5 transfers playing on defense (one by way of JUCO in Mccrae), plus we’re bringing in another in Logan Wilson coming in at DB. Offensively we brought in Gilmore at QB and Jacob Farrell who just started at LT as soon as he became eligible, which implies he’s our guy there going forward.

    Plus, most of our skill guys offensively had P5 offers, which that’s essentially the caliber transfer we’re looking at. Guys who chose one of their 2-4 P5 offers but it didn’t work out, so I don’t think the “not enough transfers” thing is all that big an issue. Development, like you said, is the issue here.

  3. 33 minutes ago, glick1980 said:

    They are listed at 235 and 238.

    I think JayD’s implying he doesn’t buy those listings. Which is fine, but I think they’re big enough with an offseason and more practice in that role. Joshua Wheeler played that role pretty well in 16 and 17 and he was listed at 6’3” 229 lbs. Ozougwu and King were similar sized on the 2018 defense which was really good. The issues lie elsewhere IMO.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, GMG24 said:

    I completely agree, the last 3 signing classes should NOT have yielded us one of the worst defenses in the country.  If our defense is just AVERAGE we win 4 more games, and probably the bowl game.  I agree with you. 

    We added a former P5 DE in Mccrae and two P5 DBs in John Davis and Jordan Rucker (opted out a few games in). We can add three more P5 transfers to the defense but if that’s all the coaches can get out of them, it’s not going to make a difference. We have signed talent, make it work.

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Hunter Green said:

    I think any help we get up front is going to make everyone behind them better. We just need guys who can dominate the line of scrimmage. IMHO.

    I keep thinking back to the 2013 defensive tackles. We had Richard Abbe at the 1-tech using his size to keep the linemen off of Orr and Akunne, and then converted DE Ryan Boutwell at the 3-tech using his quickness and strength to not allow linemen to have clean blocks and releases to the second level. A size/quickness combo like that would be great. We had decent size this year at the 3-tech, but weren’t quick enough off the ball to muck things up for OL.

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  6. 25 minutes ago, GMG24 said:

    DL- Colvin (R-SR), Novil (SR), Dotson (R-FR), Rausaw (FR), Pickett (FR), LeBlanc (R-SO) Murphy Twins (RS FR) Believe they got moved to some DL at one point in the season, Devontae McCrae (RS SO)

    LB- KD Davis (JR), Tyreke Davis (SR), Jordan Brown (FR), Kevin Wood (SO) Larry Nixon (SO), Taylor Jacobs (RS FR) my favorite but didn't see much action Jacobi Johnson (FR) 

    DB- Upton Stout (FR), Deshawn Gaddie (RS FR) Cam Johnson (SR) Alex Morris (JR) Gibbs (SO) 

    The DB room is the most concerning to me, I believe we had multiple DB's opt out bc of COVID, the group is not deep but there is definite skill there, add on the pieces we signed and this defense is not as bad as what was put on the field this year.  Being asked to do what some of those guys were asked to do vs Power teams was unfair IMO.  


    I also feel like we need to know pretty quick which Seniors will stay and use the extra year and which ones are going to graduate and move onto the working world.  That would also sway where and how I look.  Offensively I would use a transfer on a QB, maybe 1/2 Max OL, the rest DB/OLB types

    What do you think?

    Littrell said in a recent presser that they basically know who will be coming back and who will be leaving from the senior class already. Tyreke Davis has said publicly that he is coming back but no clue who else. 

    Offensively the only position I think we really need to look at is QB. Someone who can run the whole skeleton. With Bean it was limited what routes we ran and with Aune he had the ability but, because of his inaccuracy, they couldn’t always trust him. 

    We have so many guys defensively who had the offer lists and film out of high school, but we aren’t developing or putting them in position to be successful. Add some guys to help out, but ultimately it falls on the coaches because they have the horses to at least be average defensively.

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  7. Lewis is only averaging 13 minutes per game and he has basically been our best player in terms of advanced statistics. Maybe he’s not actually our best player, but he’s extremely effective and needs more minutes. Bell and Simmons are proven but they aren’t proven to the point of getting 10+ more minutes per game than him while he’s outperforming them.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, meaniegreenie said:

    I'm talking about the passing game.  You know, the one where MF was running for his life almost all of last year.  I can't remember, but if that was always done with a base rush and not a blitz, then it really was more pathetic last year.  I seem to recall getting more blitzing last year.

    Wouldn’t that lend even more evidence to the line being improved this year though?


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  9. 1 minute ago, meaniegreenie said:

    A lot of this is how teams approached us.  With MF, they knew they had to get to him quickly or he'd burn them.  With "Dropsy" and "Wildy" playing QB, they could just wait for us to end the drives.

    What substance is there behind these claims? What evidence is it based on, besides just a theory on how that could have been the case?

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  10. Mentioned this in the game thread, but the broadcast didn’t say much about it, but Jacob Farrell started at left tackle for us yesterday due to the NCAA’s new eligibility ruling allowing transfers to be eligible effective immediately. He was previously sitting due to the previous NCAA ruling on FBS transfers needing to sit a season.

    Looks like this applied to Farrell, and the coaches thought highly enough of him to start him at LT and bump Cole Brown to LG, pushing Anterrious Gray to RG with Mose and C and Brammer at RT, bumping Daizion Carroll out of the starting lineup. So I would expect the line we saw starting the game yesterday to be our line next season.

    At receiver I expect Bryson Jackson to step into Darden’s spot and make plays right off the bat. He’s dynamic, even if he isn’t Jaelon Darden. Then the Siggers/Adaway duo will do numbers. Offense should be just fine.

    2 minutes ago, Green Crazy said:

    Ummmm, huh?  There is no way the OL was a bright spot.  

    Sure they were. There was one sack on them where Brown had a miscommunication playing in his new spot, but the other two were coverage sack/extra blitzer and not on the o-line. Bean had all day on a huge chunk of his throws, and the run blocking was getting locked up and not letting a lot of d-line penetration throughout the day.

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  11. 19 minutes ago, greenminer said:



    17 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    I'm in a rush and can't put together my normal post with times/twitters/links.  But I did see the YT link.

    I'm on the road today and hope the YT broadcast will be good, or the TuneIn stream works.  Drives me nuts navigating these blackouts/non-blackouts from game to game. Wish we had one dedicated, fail safe place to find everything from the MGRN.

    Thank you!

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  12. 6 hours ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    Country club mentality. Quit hiring your buddies and who your buddies recommend. Go out and get a dc that just kicked your ass. Go out and hire the s and c of the team that just man handled you. 

    Cobbs, Mayes and Bloesh should be the only coaches retained. Go hire a DC with a tract record. And let him bring his guys in. Then go to any sun belt team and hire their S and C. Because the two sun belt teams Seth has played have looked like SEC schools compared to us. 

    I don’t want to hear covid excuses. I don’t want to hear depth issues. Fix em 

    Yes and Wren needs to stop this at his level. The job’s easy when you’re winning and handing out raises, but you don’t get to do that when you’re losing. He needs to be able to do the hard part of his job, as does Seth, or else there’s no accountability or repercussions for showing up and not performing.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    Players actually do it a lot. AJ McCarron played for Alabama and his GF at the time went to Auburn. There are numerous examples of people being engaged and going to different schools. It is entirely possible he transfers for more playing time and after what we saw today, I wouldn't blame him. 

    Brent, that you?

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