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  1. 15 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    Did I ever deny using Hamlin instead of Hamlet?  No, I just pointed out what a ridiculous point you were making.   That using the wrong name for the team best player was such a sacrilege to this forum. 

    This started out as a discussion on the year Hamlet/Hamlin was having.   


       You overstepped on the ridiculous part, do you correct every post for spelling or getting a name wrong?   BillySee85 must be a very busy person.   

    Note, I miss named you on purpose.  I hope not much harm was done. 

    Just for you, it is obvious that I either misspelled or used the wrong name.  

    As, for as making things up.  I did not, but neither did I research such an inconsequential thing IMO.

    I enjoy jousting on the messageboard to some extent, but you have make the Alps out an ant hill. 


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  2. 44 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    Guilty, I did not research every thread to uncover this major disaster or go back eight months.  Why not do more research and compute what percentage of Hamlet, Hamlin usage?  That certainly would be great entertainment. 

     I am confident you can find similar errors with other names if you want to research my 18 years of posts.  

    A better solution may be to ignore my posts and you will be saved from the wrong name phobia that you suffer.  

    I had no idea it would be so hard for you to say “my bad” on either falsely accusing me of making stuff up or calling a guy by an incorrect name. Was just pointing it out at the beginning. Had no clue you’d dig in this deep rather than just own up to an error.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:


    That is my other post in this thread.    One time apparently makes a continuum in your world. 

    OK, give me more examples of me making this dire error.   

    Even if there were multiple examples and there are not; what difference does it make.

    You are now making stuff up and I have no idea what your objective is. 


    I’m not making it up. I pointed it out, didn’t think you would get this upset. Was expecting more of an “oh crap, I am getting our best player’s name wrong” response. I’m sorry.



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  4. 41 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    Ridiculous not getting a name right on a message board.  Wow, I hope you never make such a terrible mistake. 

    Typos happen and I don’t comment on them, but you continuously call him Hamlin, not just one-time slip ups. Dude just had one of the best single seasons of any of our players in years leading us to our best season in years, the least we can do is get his name right. 

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Green Lantern said:

    Good info here. My generic observation regarding Hamlet is that this year his drive/short floater has been anything but automatic like it was last year in the games I’ve watched. Those falling consistently for him last year, beyond making him next to unguardable at times, helped his overall shooting percentage and effectiveness as a player.

    Yeah three-point shooting was an effective part of his game but it was never his forte. You’re right in that he isn’t hitting his mid range and floaters like he was last year and that’s the shot that’s going to be available the most. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, GrandGreen said:

    By your post, you managed to figure out who I was referring to. 

    Massive drop off in three percentage, but with only an average of 2 shoots a game; I don't think it that impactful

    I do wish he would shoot more, although he is a pass first PG.  He is gold from the foul line.  

    He is not where he was last year yet, but it is far from a normal season.   He certainly is not playing at a MVP level, but he is still an elite player. 

    Again I think this CUSA scheduling format is going to lead to a lot of upsets. 

    Yes, I was able to figure out you meant Hamlet when you said “Hamlin” but it’s ridiculous not getting the name right of the player who just won CUSA player of the year for us last year. Especially when we get mad at people still calling us North Texas State.

    He has not been an elite player. The drop off I gave you was on overall shooting percentage, 10% down from last year on 11.4 attempts/game. 39% shooting from the field is not elite. When it comes to any advanced ratings, he isn’t performing anywhere near the top of the conference.

    Last year he was 3rd in the conference in PER (Player Efficiency Rating) and 2nd in Offensive Box Plus/Minus, this year he isn’t in the top 20 in either of those and he isn’t particularly close to the top 20 (sports reference only shows top 20). His box plus/minus is actually a negative number this year, indicating he has been a below league average player thus far. Obviously he’s capable of being far above a league average player, but his effectiveness has been that of a below average player.

    I too hope he shows that he is still an elite CUSA player, but he hasn’t been that this year by any measurement. And I agree, getting to the line should be a big priority for him and Mccasland as they try and get him back on track.

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  7. Here are the standings so far. Of the 11 two-game weekend series’ that have been played, 8 of them have been split 1-1 between the two teams. The 3 sweeps have featured the home team sweeping (Rice over UTSA last week, UAB over USM and ODU over FAU this week).

    Taking new meaning to the “anybody can beat anybody on any given game” mantra. Charlotte lost to D2 Belmont Abbey today as well. A road loss is far from the end of the season. Hope to see us start getting right at home against UTEP.


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  8. 13 minutes ago, GrandGreen said:

    You stated that Bell and Hamlin are shells of themselves.

    The numbers don't support that.  You also need to consider that most teams defenses have containing Hamlin their top priority.  Hamlin is only taking 2 three's a game, but has 5.4 assists per game.  Bell is now a starter versus the super sub of last year.  

    Do you not realize that the point guard on about any team is going to lead the team in turnovers.   It has to do with time with the balls versus any other position. 

    As far as living with 3 ball, that is what most teams now do.  UTSA is a team that lives on long shots.  NT's offense is nothing like UTSA's.   

    It’s Hamlet, not Hamlin. And the numbers do support that. His shooting percentage this year is down to 39% and he was at 49% last year. 10% points down is a massive drop off.

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  9. 20 minutes ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    Yeah, their barely 30% and 37% 3 pt percentage and team lead in turnovers are really lighting it up. 

    Why don't you dig deeper before you try to clown other people's knowledge? 

    37% from three is a good percentage. It’s well above the national average from last year of 33.4%. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    That was also in Houston. Winning on the road is tough, mainly in this conference and when you're going against Hackson. Comparing other games to ours is silly and proves nothing at all

    It is hard to win on the road, and Rice’s loss was on the road. So if we all agree it’s hard to win on the road, why are we saying a road loss “exposed” a team as overrated? My point is I don’t think a single road loss proves anything at all. Every team in CUSA who has gone on the road for a full weekend has lost on the road.

    Also, Rice wasn’t “rated” highly enough to be considered overrated anyways. They were 2-0 in conference at the time of this bracket so they were shown as the auto bid by that technicality of being alone at the top of the conference, and they were given the lowest seed possible.

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  11. 37 minutes ago, UNT Texas Hooligan said:

    Rice is currently getting exposed by UTEP. Barely their third conference game in. They were propped up by a weak OOC schedule. Overrated 

    They kicked UTSA’s ass and we barely squeaked by UTSA. Are we in much of a position to be calling them overrated?

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  12. 40 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    I am still befuddled (thought this sounded good) on why Seth cannot attract a higher level QB through the portal or recruiting. He has shown that his offensive system can put up numbers and also a willingness to leave the QB in to be able to put up good numbers. Surprised we can't get a top talent FCS player, a good P5 who plays behind a "star", or another G5 who is at a school where they don't pass enough. 

    I don’t know that we have really tried all that hard to hit the transfer portal for QBs.

  13. 5 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    Not in a position to reveal as I was told this in confidence.

    Lynn Bowden threw like 70 passes that year and was a converted wide receiver.  He did play QB in high school but was listed in as an Athlete by recruiting services.  When you are highly touted, a converted WR should not be jumping in front of you.  Look, I hope he breaks every record at North Texas, but I will be surprised if that happens.

    If Drummond starts before his RS Soph year I will be shocked.  No knock on the young man, but I just think it is a huge jump from Pawhuska to D1.  I also think the our history with Fine has people thinking this will be a common occurence.  

    I’m sorry man, it was a joke. I know you’re not supposed to give sources, but you like to ask other people so I was just poking a little light-hearted fun.

    Yeah I’m fine with Aune and Bean for another year, then if they still are completing 55% of their passes, give Drummond a chance. Also fine with Drummond taking over when he’s a redshirt junior. Anything Gilmore gives us is just a bonus IMO, but I don’t expect him to be completely hapless. Guess it looks like he might be, but at least we’re not too reliant in him.

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  14. 28 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    I have heard from sources that this isn't true.  Guess time will tell.   Who is the NFL talent that he was stuck behind?

    Don't get me wrong.  I hope they are all great, including Gilmore.  Just passing along what I have heard.

    Who is your source? 

    The NFL talent was Lynn Bowden. They were 6-2 with him at QB running for 171 yards/game, so it wasn’t like any QB with a pulse should’ve been playing over him.

    I don’t expect Gilmore to come in and win it, but I would think he would be good enough to at least nudge his nose into the race, more than Martin. If not, no worries as I think Drummond is our guy long term anyways.

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