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  1. I'm just wishing that the Rivals big star guys that we are signing would start to pan out. We've got a couple of guys from Pilot Point/Buda who have yet to be seen. I hope that changes.

    Sometimes you run that risk with guys playing against weak competition. Hopefully they pan out.

  2. If these recruitment stars meant crap in the real world, or in the NFL, Tom Brady sucks. A lot of the scouting info is political. Don't kid yourselves.

    Getting higher ranked players who actually have offers from other FBS schools does matter, don't kid yourself.

    There are exceptions to everything, but out recruiting your competition and getting the players you both want pays off over time. Some 4 and 5 stars turn out to be busts, some 2 stars turn out to be first-round picks, but those are EXCEPTIONS.

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  3. I agree that the offense was pretty bad at scoring.

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I would love to see Canales stay for the sake of seeing his offense with a mobile QB.

    I would too. I think Berglund will have enough weapons on offense as well, and three solid backs and a good o-line to relieve pressure on him.

  4. Jimmerson and Chancellor were fine in the Troy game and the offense was dogshit.

    I am sorry I was unclear. When the offense sucks, you fire the OC. So FIRE CANALES

    We moved the ball fine, but our kickers couldn't make anything and DT proved to be a horrible red zone qb all season long and definitely this game.

    Oh yeah, and he kind of threw the ball out of the back of the end zone on fourth and goal that game.

  5. Wow haha. I was so close to posting a thread about this even before I knew about this tweet, since this is my high school class.

    He has the tools, I hope people realize that. I don't see him being a bust as long as he improves during the next three years, as DT was unable to.

  6. I'd take him. He's just an athlete (no lunch pail). When SLC was killing them with their slot guy Desoto's coaches put McDowell on him. He'd find a role here.

    Finding guys who can hold slots are not always easy. This is what I think Zac Whitfield can be good at if Freddie Warner can come back and play outside.

    But yeah, thanks for that info.

  7. Yeah I want that qb White to play receiver for us, and our only chance on him is because he is so small but I have seen him on 2014 top prospect lists so I don't know how good our chance is with him.

    As for Nick Orr, same thing. He's a stud and is on 2014 top prospect lists as well, but obviously we have a potential trump card in big bro Zach.

    I have a question for you Emmitt. What do you think about their senior receiver Brandon Mcdowell?

    He's their leading receiver, which doesn't always mean a whole lot but take this into account. Last year they had 2 receivers go D-1 and 4 receivers go D-1 the year before!

    If he's good enough to be their primary target do you think we should try and get him? He's only 5'9" and is committed to Texas St (I think his only offer thus far) to play cornerback but I could see him being one of those athletes that Mac has talked about bringing in to compete on either side of the ball because of his athleticism.

  8. I've said this before and I'll say it again, we're North Texas and, as of right now, that doesn't mean a whole lot to recruits. We either get good players who lack the measurables (height, weight, 40 time, shuttle time), players who have the measurables but are raw and didn't produce, or players who have a little bit of both.

    You can also argue for players with grade complications to be added here, which is why we are in on Charles Walker from South Garland, and players from small schools with limited exposure.

    This needs to change and soon, so hopefully we can pull guys like Charles Walker and/or Matthew Romar (guys who have the measurables and produced) away from other schools starting now. Hopefully we can break through as a program soon so we can start pulling in guys like this more frequently.

  9. The spring weight goals wanted our centers Kaydon Kirby to lose weight down to 290 and Boone Feldt to gain weight and get up to 290. I would imagine the coaches will want him to lose weight regardless of what position he plays at, but yes, he does have a lot of good natural weight.

    Centers have to be agile. Everyone knows they have to be strong blocking 300+ lb d-tackles, but they also have to be quick enough to combo up and get linebackers.

  10. I would love to see a couple of guys step up and force Franklin to the bench and only play about 20 minutes per game. But until that happens he is the guy who is playing with the most heart and hustle, and needs to be on the floor some where.

    I agree he deserves to be on the court, I just wish it could be more at the 3.

  11. You wont have LB's covering WR's once you have enough quality depth at DB to run nickel packages etc.

    Going after a juco safety was not an indictment against Trice.

    Very true. The good thing is we are developing those defensive backs, and those freshman will now be sophomores next year so they should be able to contribute more.

    I would really like for someone to develop at corner or have a healthy Freddie Warner come back. This way Whitfield could play more inside and cover slot receivers, because he has the quickness to do so.

  12. My projections - notice they have similar weight goals for players at similar positions on the weight charts. Knowing this makes it easier to see where they want each player at.


    -Yeah they want Roberts at 260 so defensive end seems pretty obvious there.

    -They want Dutton Watson at 290, that spells defensive tackle.

    -They want Austin Orr at 290, he was in between tackle and end this year but tackle for sure next year.

    -Boutwell's goal is set at 260, so back to defensive end for his senior year is a definite possibility.

    -Don't expect Micah Thompson to move back here since they only want him to lose 6 pounds and get down to 310. That's a right side of the line offensive lineman's weight.

    -Jamal Marshall's goal is 220. That's pretty big for a safety, so maybe linebacker could be in the mix for him if he reaches that goal. That guy is a talent who I really hope blows up this year.


    -They want Y'Barbo down to 290. That's the weight they want Kirby and Feldt at, so maybe Y'Barbo makes a run at filling Fortenberry's spot at center next year. Even if not, you want your left guard to be more agile.

    -Mark Lewis' goal is set at 220 from 205. That's not too big, but I can't help but see fullback in his future as we start to use it more in our offense. He has the running ability but he needs to grow more and learn how to block. Luckily we still have one more year of Drew Miller. Also, this seems too big for him to play safety but it's too early to tell.

  13. I'm sorry, but I can't stand to watch Franklin play the 4. He does hustle and he has some good skills offensively, but defensively and on the boards he is a liability.

    He did grab 9 rebounds but that 6'10" guy had 13 rebounds while mainly competing with Franklin, not to mention blocking Franklin a few times. He was supposed to have transformed himself into a 3, but I've seen the same undersized 4 all year.

    I'm not saying he doesn't belong on the court, because his scoring is needed especially right now, but I just personally don't like having him at the 4 for 30 minutes in a game. I too would like to see Patton more, but we NEED J Will and CJ to step it up from the perimeter and penetrating for us to have a chance in conference this year.

  14. Look out for Jamal Marshall. Dude's ceiling is ridiculously high.

    The coaches have his goal set for 220, so he might be pushing for a spot at linebacker but at 6'3" to go along with his track speed he should be an interesting player come spring. Watching him on kickoff team, he definitely looked the part. That much was for sure.

    Also Devante Davis and David Busby will have a year under their belts at safety and Lairamie Lee was one of our leading tacklers last year.

  15. Somebody provide a correction if needed. Trying to list this from memory.

    Coach said he is bringing in 20 recruits, plus the transfers/grayshirts

    Expected HS recruiting breakdown as follows:

    1 QB

    4-5 OL

    3 DL

    0 RB

    3 WR

    4 DB

    3 LB

    2 ATH

    The transfer/gray that will become eligible are:

    Pegram - RB (2 yrs eligibility) xfer

    Bergulund - QB (3 yrs eligibility) xfer

    Terrell - WR (2 yrs eligibility) xfer

    Caldwell - WR (2 yrs eligibility) xfer

    Tucker - RB (HS) gray - still planning to enroll?

    Hines - WR (HS) gray - still planning to enroll?

    Caldwell shouldn't count towards our scholarships since Kansas Wesleyan is an NAIA college. I'm not sure, maybe we brought him in on scholarship or something.

  16. Skip Caldwell is from Whitehouse, and I've heard very good things about him in practice. He will definitely be a contributor at WR next year along with Brelan, Darnell, Darius Terrell, and Carlos. Offensively, I'd like to see us pick up a JUCO guy to replace Fortenberry. I don't think any of the young linemen are ready to step in quite yet. Mac said we'd bring in a few JUCOs and I hope 2 of them are defensive linemen.

    Kaydon Kirby has passed up a healthy Boone Feldt. Don't know how good quality we could get out of any available JUCO centers. Also, like was said, Y'Barbo is capable of playing center.

  17. No, I agree with both you and Truss about the internal evaluation. It is just useless from a fan point of view because it tells the average fan nothing about how the TEAM is progressing. It just doesn't tell you how good you will be against outside competition. That was my point.

    Obviously, it's invaluable to coaches for position by position evaluation.

    The highlights lays year for me was a beautiful spring day for tailgating and a good concert at the end. The practice itself was just that, a practice.

    Gotcha. I guess your point is more that we as fans shouldn't put too much stock in how our team looks in spring, because you don't have much to base it off of. I took it as the only purpose of spring is to rile up your fan base and get some more money, which does describe the spring game to an extent.

    But hey, even if it provides false hope, you gotta have some things in life to look forward to. After basketball is over spring really can help hold one over for a bit.

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