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  1. 3 minutes ago, TheReal_jayD said:

    I never understood the bowen hire. So yes this candidate make me really excited

    Bowen was such an uninspired hire considering we were supposed to be going all out and we were making him the highest paid assistant in CUSA. 

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  2. 19 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    That’s why Rose fell off (minus DUI and injury) because some of these guys aren’t slow paced offense.

    A fast break offense is needed when you look at it, mainly against good teams.

    I don’t think that was the case with Rose. He had the green light to shoot early in the shot clock even in the two seasons he was not effective. He just wasn’t hitting them. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    We looked so much better towards the end of last years OOC. I just don’t have the same hope I had last year, this year going into conference.

    Luckily the conference seems to be not as strong.

    Yeah but, like you said, that was more towards the end and we didn’t look all that great in our first 8, which is how many we’ve played this time. I would be surprised if we were as good this year as we were last year, but not shocked. Hamlet isn’t playing anywhere near as well as he did towards the end of non-conference and in conference play. We get that guy back and we should be good.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, ntmeangreen11 said:

    Am I crazy or did we play with a much faster pace and much more attempted 3s in his first couple years?

    The offense we are running seems ancient. 

    We were 340th out of 353 division 1 teams in offensive pace last season. Here is what we’ve ranked in possessions per game since Mccasland was hired.

    2020-2021 pace: 252nd out of 334 division 1 teams

    2019-2020 pace: 340th out of 353 division 1 teams

    2018-2019 pace: 257th out of 353 division 1 teams

    2017-2018 pace: 161st out of 351 division 1 teams

    Mccasland wants to play it slow. We were one of the most efficient offenses in the nation last year, because we executed well in conference play but this is largely how we looked against the good teams we played in non-conference last year.

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  5. Just now, Andrew said:

    It’s slow and a pain to watch. 

    It has prevented us from getting a single signature non-conference win in 4 seasons. It’s tough to beat good teams on the road, but much harder when we’re turning the ball over. 20 turnovers on the road against a good team is just too much to overcome.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Andrew said:

    Maybe Mcasland should stick to just coaching defense. We finally starts coding once it’s too late and he lets them shoot in the first half of the shot clock .

    His offense works really well against competition CUSA level and below. Against better competition, working the clock so long looking for the perfect shot just results in more passes, which get stolen, and bad shots late in the shot clock because we’re passing up okay shots hoping we’ll get a better one but we don’t 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    I much rather have Jackson (even though he is shorter) out there. He is quicker and stays in front of his man. He is a much better defender that Murray and can deny guys 6-2 and under the ball. He stays in front and he hustles every second he is in the floor. 

    He wasn’t doing that in his opportunities this year. That’s why he’s not in the rotation

  8. 2 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    Jackson would have been nice to see... he actually plays defense and hustles. 

    That’s what Murray does, and he has been much more effective this year in that role. The numbers bare that out. Still a liability on offense either way though.

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  9. North Texas 17 - Loyola Chicago 21

    3:39 left in the 1st

    9-0 run for Loyola to pull ahead here. Looked like the Loyola defender got his legs in the way of Hamlet’s landing path on his 3-pt shot but no foul called. Not many whistles today.

  10. 1/1:

    UTSA 86 - Rice 95

    ODU 67 - FIU 82

    Marshall 68 - La Tech 75

    UTEP 66 - USM 74

    WKU 67 - Charlotte 63

    UAB at North Texas - Postponed

    MTSU at FAU - Postponed


    UTSA 69 - Rice 84

    ODU 71 - FIU 66

    Marshall 12 - La Tech 23 (in action)

    UTEP 77 - USM 62

    WKU 71 - Charlotte 75

    North Texas at Loyola (IL) - 6:30 tip (non-conference)

    UAB at North Texas - Postponed

    MTSU at FAU - Postponed


    So far Rice is the lone 2-0 team, with WKU and 2 others winners from Friday unable to replicate their result on Saturday. La Tech up early hoping to match Rice at 2-0 with another win against Marshall today. Playing games on back to back days is going to be an interesting twist on the conference schedule. Beating a team two days in a row is going to be a tough task.

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  11. 2 hours ago, MeanGreenZen said:

    Well, the Alliance of American Football went broke in 2019 and so did the World League of American Football several years earlier and the USFL before that. That’s because minor league football doesn’t work.

    I would argue we haven’t seen a true football minor league. Teams compiled of NFL washouts is a minor league by definition, but it’s not the same as having legit up and coming talent. A minor league that actually serves as a farm system for developing younger players BEFORE they transition into the NFL, not after they flamed out is something just about any football fan would find far more intriguing.


    You know what does work? College football. And why does it work? It’s not because of Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence. Those guys are just replaceable parts that come and go.

    The value in college football is the PASSION and LOVE that people feel towards Ohio State and Clemson. The school spirit and the interest that creates. I don’t care for Texas or OU but I watch every time they play because it’s a big deal and not to see Sam Ehlinger or Spencer Rattler. 

    Eliminate the current 10,000 scholarship FBS football players and plug in the next best 10,000 in their place and no one would know the difference. You would still have sold out stadiums and record TV ratings. 

    If those guys want to get paid to play football before they are eligible for the NFL,  let them go play somewhere that is not affiliated with a college and see how much money they make. It will be less than the value of a football scholarship. 

    Brands certainly help. Not denying that. The Forbes article I shared showed $300K-$500K as what college players would get based on comparable player revenue sharing as the NFL. I’ll concede they wouldn’t get as much without the backing of those college brands, but they could sure as heck would command more than $20K scholarships. Especially if they were in a league that had the backing of the XFL this past year.

    XFL QBs were making around $500K. The average non-QBs were making around $50-60K, which is more than the value of a football scholarship at public universities. If the XFL had the Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Patrick Surtain type guys, I think it would be pretty easy to generate the revenue to pay salaries in excess of what a bunch of late round and undrafted former NFL players were able to generate. And they were doing a pretty good job of it before COVID wiped out the season and the league.

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  12. 28 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    KD also didn't play a few games due to Covid. I don't know why y'all are comparing them to last year when they still had a terrible defense. You can't get better with a bad coach and scheme. You can only do so much when you don't have a supporting staff.

    He only missed one game due to COVID, not a few. It was a false positive for the SMU game so he didn’t miss practice time or anything that would have held him back past that. But that’s besides my original point.

    He didn’t look as good in this defense and a lot of the games he was out of position, making too many of his tackles downfield instead of closer to the LOS. He looked better as a sophomore in 2019 than he did as a junior in 2020. A somewhat proven player taking a step back under a new DC is a pretty clear indictment on that DC. We know KD can play but it didn’t look like that this year. How many other guys on this defense can play but looked like they couldn’t under Bowen?

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