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  1. 31 minutes ago, Uncle said:

    Don't see OT Jacob Farell or Erik Williams listed??

    Just saw this as well. Farrell’s twitter account is locked (not sure if it was before). Would hurt to lose a guy who they thought highly enough of to start at Left Tackle the moment he became eligible heading into the bowl game.

    Also, SR RBs Nic Smith and Evan Johnson are gone, and SR DL Asher Frow is gone. All were fairly expected but we didn’t get transfer portal announcements from those guys so likely just graduating and moving on. Same for Deion Hair-Griffin, which we knew.

  2. 44 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Wasn't sure if PB might reach out to his contacts and grab a couple of JC players.
    Speaking of PB - Is the hire "official"? I guess that's why we're not hearing other coaches being added?

    He might. I’m just not expecting movement until after or during their season. Maybe there is someone he really wants and we get them signed up and opted out before their season starts. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Here's a question - With many JUCOs playing in the Spring, if we sign a JUCO should he be "encouraged" to Opt out of any games?

    Jackson and Hutchings are already here. No games have been played since fall signing day so my guess is we won’t pursue any JUCOs until after their season.

    Unless we sign a really good high school player who saw his offers dry up, I don’t expect anything on February 3rd. Maybe transfers but at that point it’s too late in the semester for us to enroll anyone for spring practice. Signing days don’t really have any significance to D1 transfers and that’s mainly where we will be looking.

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  4. 59 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    I heard a good, at least I thought it was, explanation on this. The draft geru (🤣) said QBs at the Alabama, Ohio States, etc. are hard to judge at how good they really are when almost week after week they have 5* lines and receives who are just that much more talented than the competition. He commented that is why you see QBs on NFL teams that might not have seemed like great college players or had the best numbers, but their skill sets were actually better and some of the "best" college QBs don't make it.   

    That’s fair. Definitely some solid logic in those explanations. Looking at some of the plays Alabama ran, some of their route schemes were 4-5 second developing plays that are almost unheard of playcalls, made possible by that line. Can’t knock the QB for the throw but also hard to project knowing that much time and separation won’t be there in the NFL.

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  5. 1 hour ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Side note - OSU QBs have not fared so well in the NFL. Will be curious to see how Fields does. 

    31 minutes ago, Mean Green 93-98 said:

    Good point about OSU Qbs--Fields looks to be a much greater QB talent than the rest of them, though.  He's not just an incredible athlete with a strong arm.  He can read defenses as well as any QB with his experience.

    Is there a school who has fared well in producing NFL QBs in recent years? Cal, Oklahoma, Louisville all have 2 starting QBs, NC State as well if you count recently retired Rivers and Wilson who grad transferred to Wisconsin. 

    It’s such a crap shoot on college QBs becoming successful in the NFL, I don’t see how attributing their chances to their college gives any pre-indication. OU is the only school with multiple starting QBs from the same coaching regime, the rest mentioned came in and played under different coaching staffs than the other QB from that school. For example, not sure how being from Cal had any consistent benefit in preparing both Aaron Rodgers in 2004 and Jared Goff in 2015 for NFL success (arguable for Goff).

    Texas Tech QBs not being good pros was a talking point for a while but none were as talented as Mahomes. Doesn’t seem like previous Ohio State QBs actually have anything to do with how Fields will fare.

  6. 52 minutes ago, RiseUNT said:

    Last year’s number one pick was buried on the depth chart at OSU. He battled it out and won the starting spot and won OSU a national championship. 

    10 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:


    Exactly.   Something to be said for both of these paths (One, biding time. The other, making his own way).  Every person’s circumstances are different.  What works for some may not work for someone else.

    Burrow didn’t battle it out at OSU though. He transferred to LSU and won a national championship there, not at OSU

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  7. 44 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    I had concerns about Bean after he committed to us prior to his senior year of HS and then was beat out for the starting job.

    I don’t think this is entirely true, but it does seem to be what everyone remembers.

    Bean threw for 1,308 yards his senior year against 944 yards for Rogers (the other QB who signed with USM the next year). Bean threw more passes and had more yards so I don’t think it’s completely accurate to say that he got beat out.

    Seemed somewhat similar to Bean and Aune this year, where Bean was the guy with the most snaps in both cases.

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  8. Yesterday I was looking back at the QBs’ stats from last season and noticed Aune was the primary QB for 4 games, and in those 4 games he threw for 1,299 yards (325 yards/game) and had 12 TDs/2 INTs. Then we have the MTSU game where he was yanked for good reason, but otherwise he produced when he was handed the keys. He just has to cut down on the fumbles and get that completion % up to keep getting us positive yardage.

    In those 4 games mentioned, Simpson had 360 of his 517 yards on the season. 453 of Simpson’s yards came from Aune passes while only 64 came from Bean passes. Aune and Simpson have good rapport and with that being our new number 1 receiver, that’s something I expect they can both build on. Simpson at the Z position is on the far side of the field where it’s a longer throw, and Aune showed the arm strength to get him the ball.

    It feels like Littrell is looking more for the prolific passing attack than he was looking to cater the offense to Bean. Just better make sure he gets that consistency from Aune, or a transfer, because we won’t be able to switch to that running threat anymore.

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  9. 1 minute ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    I could be wrong, but under NCAA rules I believe once a player request into the portal the school is under no requirement to maintain financial support. 


    I think that’s more with regards to the next year and filling spots on the 85-man limit. Renewals, or the decision to not renew for the next school year, have to be done by July 1st. His scholarship for this school year was renewed at that point.


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  10. 6 minutes ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    Just wondering - Is he enrolled this semester? If he is does he stay or take off? I wonder if UNT continues to pay their way after they request out as a rule, or if it is decided on a player by player review?

    The scholarship renewals are for the entire academic school year 

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  11. 8 hours ago, Cr1028 said:


    Perhaps you guys could point me in the right direction but I can’t recall ever reading anything that the staff did anything other than let the legal process play out. Some folks wanted players kicked out of the program before the legal process played out but I don’t recall reading anything that football staff covered up assault. I d remember the title 9 folks messed up royally as well as some of the university administrators.

    This is why I said they had plausible deniability and my hope is just that proper vetting process occurred. It was a widespread issue and lawsuits alleged at least 31 players were accused.

    This is still ongoing, which I think a lot of people don’t realize. Baylor is still being taken to court over withholding documents and met with an NCAA Committee just a month ago regarding the matter.


    The month before that Baylor was given a court order to overturn documents from the law firm Pepper Hamilton. They have clearly attempted to drag this process out as long as possible. My point is now that we have hired two more assistant coaches involved in the program at the time, we better have done our homework that their names won’t pop up here as more information may come out in the immediate future.

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  12. Hiring 3 of the assistants coaches at Baylor during the sexual assault scandal and tying our program to that is something I am not particularly happy about, but I really hope Littrell and Baker did a very thorough job vetting them. I’m sure this will get down-voted plenty and that’s fine, but I challenge those of you to actually read up on the scandal instead of just dismissing and feeling miffed about merely brining it up.

    My takeaway is the failure in that situation really occurred at the top, with university officials and Mccaw and Briles, and after that it’s pretty unclear, like at the assistant coach level. There was definitely plausible deniability for guys like Bennett and Gush, and I hope that’s the reality as well. But at our level I hope proper vetting was done.

    From hearing Bennett speak, it sounds like Littrell really admired Bennett and convinced him on taking the job and convinced Wren on offering it. It obviously took a while, so hopefully that time was used to vet him, admiration aside. Same for Gush.

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  13. 35 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    Bowen was the hugest paid assistant?? Holy crap that is awful, but why are we paying these guys so much when the results are just average?

    Yes he was. At UNT we tend to freak out when someone does well and treat them like the only coach capable of winning here. We gave a Mccarney a big raise after HOD, which you could argue he earned, but at the same time no one was coming to poach him from us. And even if they were, so what? Same with Littrell possibly leaving. We’d have a ton of good candidates coming off of a 9-win season and a coach showing this can be a stepping stone job. 

    As for why we paid Bowen so much for bad results, the hope was he’d be better but as JayD says, we could’ve landed a much better candidate for what he was paid.

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  14. Littrell was the highest paid head coach in CUSA last year and Bowen was the highest paid assistant. We didn’t have an OC, but we could’ve taken away $300K from Littrell and given it to an OC and Littrell still would’ve been the highest paid HC while having the highest paid OC and DC in the conference as well. We have plenty of money to go around where it isn’t going to the HC at the expense of the assistant pool or vice versa.

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  15. 1 hour ago, TIgreen01 said:

    Even if that was the case, does nobody take that as a challenge these days?  He was out performing all but Darden by the end of the season.  Shorter has not been able to stay healthy.  I don’t understand this one at all.  Has to be something we’re not hearing about and I’m very interested to see where he lands. 

    I don’t agree that he was outperforming Simpson, Shorter was out, and Greg White had already left the team so he was really only outperforming guys like Detraveon Brown and Damon Ward if you think about who was still there on the outside.

    Not going to speak on players not taking it as challenges these days beyond saying some still do but obviously the focus is usually on the ones who transfer.

  16. 6 minutes ago, MeanGreenZen said:

    This dude would likely have been the new featured WR in an offense that just had its’ featured WR lead the country in TDs, earn All-American honors and be a high projected NFL draft pick. I don’t get it.

    @Unclementioned the pre-spring interviews. I would imagine he was still behind Shorter and Simpson and his interview indicated as such, or else I agree it wouldn’t make much sense for him to leave.

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